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Niches, Wall
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Store Work

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RG, when you're checking pgs for NSNF, etc, do you go by the Table of Contents at Store Work, or by the actual Contents?   Contents

VERY IMPORTANT - Be sure to save any embedded graphics correctly to server and to the files at Yahoo Store if moving one of these pages to the live store. See Graphics, Embedded (H) - EF needs to proof,   Also, check Considerations When Changing Store

Everything above the dashed red line
below is current work.
Ready for: Ellen, Gregory, Q. Number signifies priority.

PAGE CLEAN-UP   (notes on layout, discount text, links to other products)

> YW Warranties Page - GT, here is the page I created so we can link to both warranties
> Reg Poly Newel Install Kit (no WUP yet) - new accessory
> Chunky Spindles- Add new Chunky Spindles
> Rail Sets - (No WUP)
> HB PVC Newel Posts (use pvc-newel-1.html) - live 1/29/16 need new page
> Add 2 Small Finials - NEW project
> Moulded Framing/Rail Samples - ready for review
> Fretwork Spandrels - pricing issues (test page)
> Cap Mouldings - only dd

NEW CATEGORY PAGES   (presentation methods and notes)
> Blocks - Block Checklist - Ready to review with Corner Blocks
> Ceiling Medallions - Ceiling Medallions Checklist - gt/11.20 - ready to proof
> Corbels - section ready to proof (note at top of Intro)
> Niches, Wall - not complete

> NOTE - Create a new Flatening Ck.list for each Category to be flattened by making a copy of the Master Flattenning Ck.list on the Server.
DONE > Other Traditional Brackets - PUBLIC on 10.6.22/ps
DONE > Simple Brackets - PUBLIC on 10.6.22/ps
DONE > Fretwork Brackets - PUBLIC on 10.11.22/ps
DONE > Fan Brackets - PUBLIC on 10.11.22/ps
DONE > Large Brackets - PUBLIC on 10.11.22/ps
DONE > Tread Brackets - PUBLIC on 10.11.22/ps
DONE > Headers - PUBLIC on 10.11.22/ps
DONE > Corner Blocks - PUBLIC on 10.2.22/gt, but need to fix 3rd level Left Nav.
DONE > Cedar Newels - PUBLIC on 10.11.22/ps
DONE > Base Blocks - PUBLIC on 9.29.22/ps
> Subrails **GT reviewed - missing Material DD (omit Knotty Alder)

GROUPED GRAPHICS - Separate into a Table
> Wood & PVC Baseboards **not sure!
Since we make these ourselves it's not likely we'll need this graphick separated any time soon. Leave as is.

New Usage Photos
Whenever we have a new Category pg working, I think the Usage Photos pg for that Category (if there is one) should live under that Category rather than under Graphics > New Usage Photos. This will avoid forgetting about Usage Photos when there is a long delay before working on a new Category pg.
We should continue to add Usage Photo sections to Product Categories and we need a better system for adding new customer photos that Q sends to EF.
Usage Photos Redo
Gables - notes on adding new views


> LINKS - Add links for components and for other products, etc. where applicable
Add links to products using Spindles (spreadsheet avail on server)
> SHOPPING CART - add to Prod. Order Info Pgs - explain how to use Cart as online quote.
> VISIBLE-CAPTION - Add plurals and other terms cs have searched for
> Back To and Shop For links - GT's notes

> OPG - pgs removed or need to add to OPG
> PORCH PAGE NOTES - google strategy
> PORCH PRICE ESTIMATOR - new pages to help cs see cost estimate for given porch
Links - Add links to products at existing Porch Photos
Notes - Holding pgs for new photo organization.
> PORCH WIZARD - section created to help cs w/porch decisions

AZ Products
Finish Grade Trim
Integrated Drip Edge
Universal Skirt Board
Rabbeted Trim
Cornerboards (Trad & Front)
Rabbeted Cornerboards (Trad & Front)
Dry Space, End Coating, Concealoc, Cortex, & Toploc
TB Products
TimberTech Deck Boards
TB Fascia/Riser Covers
TB Post Sleeves
TB Post Caps and Skirts
TB Fasteners
Yellawood Products
Yellawood Porch Posts
CF Products
Forged Balusters - Review before adding SM Iron
EM Products
Fretwork Brackets
Test pg Moulding
Oldcastle Building Envelope
Screening Materials - for Doors -- need to gather material
Hardware - add items from their website
SM Products
Interior Products
SP Products
SP pg non public - holding pg for items and questions for SP
UB Products
1-1/2" Brackets Install Kit
Fastening Kit - Straight Run Rails - BLANK pg
Installing Exterior Stair Rails
Quick Mount for Porch Post Installation
Rail-to-Post Install Kit
Rail Installation Accessories
V W W Produts
6" STBR - Get Q to produce and get info on notching
8-3/4" Trad Spandrels w/Redwood Spindles
9-1/4" Traditional Beaded Spandrel - Photo from Q w/info from original email
Balusters, PVC, Chamfered - photo on server - need to add online
Balusters, Rectangular - Review pricing method before continuing
Balustrade Panel, Herringbone - photos no other info
Columns, AZ wood core wrapped - photo w/info from email
Newel, Poly Caps - Holding pg for other options to add later
Newel Caps item page - Holding pg until all designs are determined
Plain Stock - Lumber -- on HOLD
Post, Lamp - need pricing in info in installing
Window Sill Cap - On Hold
AZEK Heating Form - graphics on server - need to reformat and embedded graphics
AZEK Rail Installation - embedded pdf from AZEK website
Balusters, Hemlock - measurements -- Older CF bal & MS-CL hemlock
Gable Decoration - Collect/create photos/graphic at all avail pitches - add to info pg
Newels, Hemlock - CF measurements
Rails Info - Text for Rail Install
Screen Door Info - remove duplicate info from info pages
Synthetics Info - GT has revised pg
Balusters, Compound Notching - need info for use with Large Sloped-Top Bottom Rail
Balusters, Notching - Info pop-up w/pic & brief explanation of notching
Balusters, Poly - Measurement Chart -- needs proofing

Bargain Room, Prices - update with current regular prices from store
13-3/4" Fan Bracket - add Bracket that matches Spandrel
Double check finials used and if PVC changes finial used
Finials, Drops, & Spires
2" PVC Drop - add online as an individual item
Porch Posts - add DELUXE Mounting Kit see email *** RB Count vs. H/L - 2 l (1/14/11)
Rail Sets
PVC Wd Core Hand, Plain Sub, & Bottom Set - needs photo & proofing
Samples, New Program - On hold

> EXTREME MAKEOVER - lives at HELP page
BeadBoard LP - Add BeadBoard Planks as R/P to all BB LP Pgs
Ceiling LP - create
Gable Decorations, Synthetic LP - create
Turned Items LP - create LP
Link Exchange - on hold

Banner Placement List
20%     10%     15%    
Yellow Pine
Discount Dollars

Add text about Yahoo! Stores being safe - article in I/S - Web Improvement folder

Balustrade Calculator - add new items such as P4 handrail & new widths for Balusters
Paint to simulate stained wood
> KNOWLEDGE BASE - New format to get info to customers
Legal Fine Print - Compare online w/ cat 22 pg 1 - in I/S - Web Improvement folder
Temporary pages for Camille - Create for Camille - in I/S - Web Improvement folder

Price Generator - test pg -- Consider moving to Misc Pgs