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9-1/4" Traditional Beaded Spandrel

#012 - 1.1/4"x1.5" Beads out
click graphic on left for larger view

text from email RHT sent prior to sending photo - below

Subject: ***Trad. Sq. Spandrels- Beaded

It was not the GED rail (single bead) , of which we have very little falloff, due to our different size requirements and our small GED's, but the 1.25x1.75" double beaded STBR Bottom that we at present have saved about 2.5 pallets worth, that we were going to look at making stick spandrels out of.

I did take a look at the GED rail @ 1"x1.75" but no one out of 5 reviewers liked it vs the double bead on the 1" side. Not that we can't do something later in this size, but I think we should not use it to make the rec. to our Cs. who inquired. We also have BSR 2 and BSR 3 we can take a look at more in depth later. Here of course the single bead is off center.

Addressing the STBR- Bottom Piece, double beaded, at 1.25x n.nn", hereafter called the "rail" in this email, I had three sizes produced, (cut down on two of them in width) with the double bead always centered on the width. The double bead is on two opposing sides. The three sizes were all 1.25" in thickness (non-bead sides, if you will) and the beaded sides were at widths of 1.25", 1.5" and 1.75".

I also experimented with turning the double bead "out" toward the viewer if you were standing in front of the spandrel, with the "flats" or non-beaded sides facing "in" or toward each other down the length of the spandrel. Then I reversed and turned the flats out and the beads in. I did this for all three widths of the 1.25" thick double beads. This is the nomenclature I will use...."beads out" or "flats out".

Of the 5 reviewers, the #1 choice for 3 of them was the 1.75" width- beads out, spaced on 6"o.c.. One liked the 1.5" width- flat out/ 5"oc.( and the beads turned in) the best and the other one liked the 1.5" beads out/5"oc the best. The 3 who preferred the beads out on the 1.75 " width as their #1 liked the 1.5" width with beads out/5"oc for #2 but liked the flat out on the 1.5" almost as well. The other two liked the reverse of their # 1 choice on the 1.5"/5"oc.

No one really liked the 1.25" width with the beads out or in. I think this is in part due to the rail that was used on all sizes, which was the 1"x1.75" single bead GED. It may also just look too small for outside, but excellent indoors, with a moulded frame. All felt the single bead on the top and bottom rail looked great with the double beads on the "sticks".

I think we should offer 1st, for the Store, three sizes. The 1.25"x1.75" double beaded with the beads out, and both the 1.25x1.5" beads out and flats out, showing all three. I will send you pics on these three next and show head on and 3/4 view on each, at least.

All spandrels combos shown were with the GED/Traditional rails (1"xx1.75" single bead) as indicated and all cut to 7.25" in length with overall height of 9.25".

Note: The 5" oc. on the 1.5" width stick was not magic. All felt 6" oc. was too much, but would have probably liked equally the oc. to be ". The 6" oc. was good for the 1.75" width but too tight at 5" oc.

Note: The 1.75" width with double beads in and flat out (1.25") matches the width of the GED rail and does not look as good as the 1.75" beads out with the set back from the edge of .25".

Pics to follow next. rht