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Introduction to Brackets

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Decorative wood and synthetic Brackets can be a major
component in your Architectural Details decorating repertoire.

Fan Brackets on Porch Photo 126 Equally at home both inside and out, wood and synthetic Bracket uses are even more varied than our vast selection!
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Brackets are often overlooked in the initial design of a porch or a room. However, because Brackets are typically only decorative, they can be added to a porch or room later as the budget permits.

Close-up of Brackets on Porch Photo 83 Above, the owners simply added Fan Brackets on both sides of the Posts for more curb appeal.

Porch on the right features a more elaborate design. The homeowners combined Porch Brackets, Post Face Brackets, Spandrels, and Running Trim to create this very pleasing porch. Possible combinations are almost unlimited but our 354 porch photos show many possibilities for using Brackets on porches.

Polyurethane Bracket GB 2430

Our Brackets come in four standard thicknesses and a variety of natural and synthetic materials. See Choosing the Right Bracket for our Rules of Thumb and helpful hints.

Photo at left: Polyurethane Bracket GB 2430.

Arched Brackets between cased opening
Using Brackets inside the home proves the truth of our slogan, Details Make the Difference!

For example, Brackets in cased openings (openings without doors) transform plain openings into gracious doorways. Fretwork Brackets are particularly nice for this use, and their intricate cutwork can be enjoyed from both rooms. To the right a pair of Arched Fretwork Brackets nicely illustrates this point. Horizontal Installation graphic

Drawings at left show pairs of Stockbridge Fretwork Brackets installed horizontally (top pair) and vertically. As these drawings illustrate, rotating Brackets ninety degrees creates very different designs and changes the amount of usable headroom.
Fan Brackets on shelf

A customer used our Fan Brackets to add whimsical elegance to the shelves in the kitchen shown at right.

Brackets, whether installed inside or outside the home, permit you to express individual creativity. And please remember - the categories shown in our Bracket Product Listings below are not boundaries defining use. For example, an exterior Post Face Bracket may be perfect for your interior doorway.

"One of the most helpful, personable online retailers I have come across, period. High quality product, service, and an attention to detail from start to finish keep them getting recommended to those in the industry around me."     - Mark E, Illinois

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Bracket Product Listings
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