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Lifetime Features

TIMELESS DESIGNS for lasting value and appeal!

PREMIUM 1-1/8" THICK, kiln-dried, solid wood door frames (no finger joints or short pieces) with 1" thick solid wood decorative components! Front and back decorative Mouldings together add 1" to the standard 1-1/8" frame thickness for an overall thickness of 2-1/8".

FRAME, including Moulding, is 5" wide at top and sides, leaving a 3-7/8" wide flat space for hardware (not included) on the front and 3-3/8" on the back. Bottom frame with Moulding is 9" tall, leaving a 7-7/8" flat space on the front and 7-3/8” on the back.

Mortis & Tenon drawingMORTISE & TENON FRAME JOINTS with lock-pin construction! Wooden lock-pins (like those found in the very finest furniture) assure it is nearly impossible for our door frames to separate, as each frame joint is quite literally locked into place!

RAISED FRONT and BACK MOULDINGS duplicate those found on the most expensive entry doors. Together these mouldings add about 1" to overall door thickness. See photos.

SCREEN PANELS (included) fit snugly behind decorative back mouldings. Secured by brass screws, these back mouldings neatly cover the metal frames of the screen panels. Replacement screen panels are locally available, since we use standard construction for our screen panels.

TEMPERED SAFETY GLASS STORM PANELS (optional) can easily replace screen panels on a seasonal basis. We use only tempered safety glass. In the very unlikely event the glass is broken, it will shatter into small pellets. (We've tested it with hammer blows with no damage!)

HINT damage by kids or pets to the lower screened portion of your door is a possibility, order a door design that includes a center push bar. This will separate your screen/glass areas into top and bottom sections. Since the glass faces in, you can leave the bottom glass in year round to protect the door from damage, while still enjoying fresh air through the top screened section!

PAINTING AND CLEANING! When installed behind our decorative back mouldings, screen or storm panels appear (and are) very permanent. However, since these back mouldings are secured with brass screws, these panels are quickly removed for easy cleaning or periodic repainting.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dear Friend,

Our Lifetime, Solid Wood Screen/Storm Doors (no finger joints) provide a beautiful way to be practical all year long! Nothing compares to gentle breezes wafting through your home... and savings on air conditioning bills are assured. For Fall and Winter, optional Storm Panels convert Screen Doors into great looking Storm Doors, with extra comfort for you and your family!

Our handcrafted doors are built to size at no extra charge with many quality features for at least a lifetime of use and enjoyment! (Oversize Fee if over 40" wide or 85" tall.) Custom design possibilities, choice of woods, shop-direct prices, prompt shipment, and small-town service are all guaranteed to please!

First impressions are important! Your Vintage Woodworks Screen/Storm Doors welcome you and your friends with charm and elegance. They acknowledge your good taste, while reminding others that you value the traditional but also demand quality and energy efficiency. Please don't hesitate to give us a call at 903-356-2158 if you have any questions. We'd love to visit with you about our Screen and Storm Doors!


The Folks at Vintage Woodworks

PS - We have Vintage Woodworks Screen/Storm Doors on both the front and back of our own house. Returning home, greeted by our doors, we’re reminded of words from an earlier Vintage Woodworks Catalogue... “as shall be most pleasant to the eye, and uplifting to the spirit.” We do find our doors uplifting to our spirits, and wonder how we ever managed in spring and summer without the fresh air they now provide. To hear little birds singing, and smell the freshness of a spring morning... that’s almost heaven!

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