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Kitchen & Bath Beadboard

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(Click each photo below for larger sizes, more views, etc.)

Beadboard in the Kitchen
Nothing beats the warmth
of solid wood Beadboard!

Our authentic tongue & groove Beadboard can enhance your kitchen and bathrooms in many ways. Some are shown below ...

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Samples available at each Category)

Beadboard Kitchen Backsplash
Use our Beadboard for:
      • Backsplashes
      • Cabinets & Drawer Fronts
      • Kitchen Islands
      • Wainscoting
      • Shelf and Cabinet Backs
      • Wall Area Above Cabinets
      • Entire Walls and Ceilings
      • Custom Lavatory Bases

Sensational Backsplashes
Beadbord Bathroom Backsplash Dramatize the area behind your kitchen and bath lavatories at nominal cost with our Beadboard! If you have upper cabinets, the area below them is also perfect for Beadboard, as the Kitchen Backsplash photo above right illustrates.

Wood works well for backsplashes but if you have "splashers" at your house, wood will require periodic maintenance by repainting or re-applying the clear protective top coat that should always be used over interior stained wood.

Our PVC Beadboard is perfect for painted backsplashes because it is not affected by moisture and provides a superior surface for paint. The bathroom in the above photo has painted PVC Beadboard we produced from AZEK® PVC. No one will ever know it's not painted wood. Really!

"Your material helped create a beautiful kitchen!"   - R. Spencer, Washington

Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets Cabinets & Drawer Fronts
Kitchen cabinets and drawer fronts are a natural for Beadboard and the cost is negligible compared to the effect you can easily achieve with our Beadboard! Choose from 18 different materials online or inquire about other wood types.

"Our new kitchen cabinet ... door panels are ½" thick Redwood Bead Board purchased from Vintage Woodworks. Awesome!!"         - M. Cadorette, Maine

Beadboard Kitchen Cabinet Fronts & Walls
Cabinets & Walls
This country kitchen has Beadboard on all walls (and on the ceiling). It was installed 25 years ago in one of our owner's homes and still looks as good as the day it was installed. Contrast that to 25 year old painted drywall or wallpaper!

Elegant kitchens can also be achieved using Beadboard just on the walls behind glass-fronted cabinets. Click on the photo for a larger view that better shows how effective Beadboard is behind these cabinets.

Beadboard Kitchen Island

Unique Kitchen Islands
Your kitchen island can be the focal point of the room if you showcase it with genuine Beadboard. If your island has a sitting area, selecting one of our hardwoods will provide a durable surface for the repeated kicks this area receives. (Poplar is an economical hardwood if you're painting.)

"Here are pictures of [your] 3-1/4" Cherry Beadboard) installed to finish off the back of the cabinets under my kitchen peninsula. I am very happy with the product. Very good, consistent, and no defects. I can highly recommend your materials."             - B. Sousa, Massachusetts

Beadboard Bathroom Wainscoting Traditional Wainscoting
This small bathroom features four foot tall Yellow Pine wainscoting. Five and even six foot tall wainscot is also very popular in bathrooms, mud rooms, kitchens, and halls.

Wainscot Photo page

Wainscot Cap Mouldings

Shop All Beadboard & V-Groove
(Samples available at each Category)

Introduction | Product Listings | Info | Calculators | Usage Photos | Previous Page

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