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Introduction to Gable Decorations

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Unadorned gables are like windows without curtains, drapes, or blinds!

Flying Circle Gable Decoration Usage Photo Gable Decorations are one of the quickest ways to enhance your home's overall appearance. In fact, Gable Decorations may add more impact per dollar than anything else you can do outside!

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Your home's charm and curb appeal is greatly increased by adding a Gable Decoration. At left: our Flying Circle Gable Decoration.

It is very common for Gable Decorations to be quite different from the rest of the decorative items on a house. This was certainly also true 100 years ago, during the heyday of architectural detailing. Because the gable is typically somewhat distant from the porch, it can be a separate but important focal point.

"The first one worked so well, I'm ordering three more. Once those are up, I'll decide on the other ornaments to complement these. Thanks!"     - Deborah W, California

"We are a repeat customer... purchased three of these gable decorations a few months ago and they look fantastic! We decided to do one more :)"     - Dennis H, Ohio

Dormer with Standard Old Lace Gable Decoration Dormers
Dormers are not only a source of light and ventilation inside the home, but can be enhanced outside with decorative trim such as our Gable Decorations. Dormer decoration design often differs from the design chosen for the main gables, but if you prefer matching trim, our Standard Old Lace Gable Decoration comes in a smaller size perfect for dormers. Likewise, many customers use Gable Wings in their main gables and Small Scroll Gable Decorations for their dormers.

The photo above right shows a dormer with a full-sized Standard Old Lace Gable Decoration. This works well because this is a two window dormer. Our smaller Old Lace Gable Decoration fits most single window dormers.

Drawing of Bracket used as Gable Decoration
Also, keep in mind that if a Dormer has a 12/12 pitch, a single Bracket can be used for decoration. The 12/12 roof pitch is also known as a square pitch roof, since a 90 degree angle is formed at the peak of such roofs. Because of the right angle they form, any Bracket that is symmetrical (equal on both sides) can be used as decoration. The drawing at left shows our Three Square Bracket in a dormer.

Running Trim used with Gable Decoration Running Trim Gable Decoration
Running Trim can be used along the eaves of your gable, either below a Gable Decoration or by themselves. If Running Trim is going to be used, we strongly recommend upgrading to PVC to minimize the upkeep. Photo on left features Gable Wings with Fleur Running Trim below it along the eaves.

Drawing of Running Trim used with a Gable Drop

Running Trim makes great Bargeboards for the eaves of your gable. Use an optional Gable Drop in the center, as shown to the right, or just miter the upper ends of the Running Trim to fit snuggly into the apex.

Round Fancy Cut Shingle on gable Shingle Gable Decoration
Gables and dormers can also be decorated with Fancy Cut Cedar Shingles. Both of these gables have Round Fancy Cut Cedar Shingles, but using more than one pattern gives almost limitless design possibilities.

Flying Circle Gable Decoration and Open Vent installed in gable

When properly applied, Cut Shingles require little maintenance. Use Polyurethane Vents to keep the low maintenance theme going. The photo above has a round Polyurethane Vent. The photo at right features our Flying Circle Gable Decoration, Round Cut Shingles, and a Curved Top Vent.

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Gable Decoration Product Listings
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