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Using Brackets

Brackets are one of the major building blocks in a well-rounded Architectural Details repertoire. Equally at home both inside and out, their uses are even more varied than our vast selection! Here are some of the more traditional ways to use Brackets.


Porch Brackets - These are a must for traditional porches. Use one Bracket on each side of each post, including corner Posts. If Half Posts are used against the house wall (highly recommended), use a Bracket on the Half Post also. When making your Bracket choices, please remember that Brackets on either side of a Post create an elegant “double design” that is not immediately apparent when studying only one Bracket. Also, Brackets facing one another across an opening often create the effect of a pleasing archway. Porch Brackets can be used alone or below Spandrels.

Post Face Brackets - As their name implies, Post Face Brackets are installed on the flat “face” at the top of turned Porch Posts. We just can’t over-emphasize how important Post Face Brackets are for the well-appointed porch. By projecting out from the front face of your Posts, they impart a wonderful depth that is difficult to achieve in any other way! They also work well as regular brackets. Install horizontally when you don’t have much headroom, but need a larger bracket.

Post Face Brackets should be centered on each Post, and if possible, should extend up, across the height of the beam, to end beneath the soffit.

Post Face Brackets are typically long, relative to their width, and should be at least 1-1/2" thick. It’s nice to have your Post Face Brackets extend down the Posts to the same point as your other decorative items. We can make many of our Post Face Brackets to the exact length your project requires. Please inquire.

Repeating Cornice and Frieze Brackets - Porch cornices and the frieze area below house eaves need Repeating Brackets to create a three-dimensional effect. Generally, these are placed 12 to 18 inches apart, and are sometimes installed in pairs with 2" - 4" between each Bracket.

Actual spacing should be equal, and will be dictated by the overall length available for a given section of cornice or frieze. Repeating Cornice Brackets tend to be less ornate, and are usually 1-1/2" in thickness. Because the edge is so prominently displayed with Repeating Cornice Brackets, less thickness would appear too light. Not only do they create the perception of a third dimension, but the repeating pattern these Brackets create (when placed no more than 18" apart) is very appealing. Do not hesitate to experiment with different spacings. Should you decide to install your Repeating Brackets closer than you had originally planned, we can always send additional ones to you.


Using Brackets inside proves again the truth of our slogan, “Details Make the Difference!”

For example, using Brackets in cased openings (openings without doors) transform plain openings into gracious doorways. Fretwork Brackets are particularly nice for this use, where their intricate cutwork can be enjoyed from both rooms.

Functional shelves are easy with our Brackets and some locally procured shelf boards. And our larger Brackets provide even more possibilities.

For example, a retired language therapist we know needed a sideboard for her new dining room, so she rolled up her sleeves and went to work.

First... she ordered slightly customized Corbels. Our thicker Brackets. She liked the graceful lines of our 17" Corbel, but wanted more mass. We were happy to provide a pair of 17" Corbels with thicker cores, for a nominal extra charge.

With Corbels in hand our enterprising teacher next applied gold leaf, following directions from a craft store. “Nothing to it,” she reported.

She then securely mounted her Corbels to the wall. This was easy, since she had her carpenters put 2" x 8" mounting boards between the wall studs when her house was being built. If your wall is already there, discuss your particular situation with your local hardware store. They have specialized mounting hardware for a variety of wall situations.

Sideboard using Corbels After affixing a simple wooden shelf board, she added a final stroke of elegance... she had the local marble dealer cut a slab of marble to complete her masterpiece. She liked the finished piece so well, she duplicated her work for a second sideboard on the other side of the door ...and now reports her new dining room to be a great success!

Click on photo for a larger view.

The interior uses mentioned above are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Just look through your own rooms, and imagine all the wonderful ways you can use Brackets to add interest, drama, and romance. Make your home even more special... choose to live with the beauty of Brackets!

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