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How to Install Brackets

Bracket Installation Usage Photo While it’s certainly possible to simply nail your Brackets into place, you can achieve more professional results by following the easy steps outlined below. Not only will you have the added satisfaction of a job well done, you will also avoid possible pitfalls that may otherwise surface later. As in much of life, the right way is often the quickest in the long run!

For most situations, we recommend installing Brackets with round-head (also called pan-head) brass screws, with screw heads left exposed. Screws allow more adjustment than nailing, avoid damage from hammer blows, and permit easy removal for future maintenance, particularly if you leave screw heads exposed and unpainted.

Please realize that these instructions are intended as a guide, but will not cover all possible conditions. Therefore, we can’t be responsible for the final results obtained, nor for the workmanship of any installation.
Installation Instructions
Step 1 for Bracket Installation 1. Hold the first Bracket in place, and
mark appropriate screw locations onto
the front edge of the Bracket. For most
installations, two well placed screws
are adequate to secure the Bracket.
Step 2 for Bracket Installation 2. Pre-drill screw holes large enough to
allow the body of the screw to snugly
fit through the Bracket, without using a
screw driver. The larger screw head will
actually hold your Brackets into place.
Step 3 for Bracket Installation 3. Mark the position that the center of the
Bracket will occupy.    (It’s typical to
install Post Face Brackets on the center
of the Post.)
Step 4 for Bracket Installation 4. Make additional marks to the left and
right of your previous center mark, to
indicate the Bracket’s thickness.
Step 5 for Bracket Installation 5. Extend one of these side marks the full
length of the Bracket, to serve as an
alignment guide during installation.
Step 6 for Bracket Installation 6. Hold the Bracket into place, aligning
one edge along the line you extended in
the previous step. Use a small carpenter's
square to also position your Bracket at a
right angle to the surface upon which you
are mounting the Bracket.
Step 7 for Bracket Installation 7. Screw each Bracket into place,
repeating these seven steps until all
Brackets have been installed. You may
find it helpful to drill pilot holes
into the mounting surface. These should
be slightly smaller than the body of
the screws for a good hold.

Now congratulate yourself on a job well done! When repainting becomes necessary, it will work well to simply remove the screws, paint your Brackets, and then re-install.

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