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Miscellaneous Uses for Beadboard

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(Click each photo below for larger sizes, more views, etc.)

Beadboard Office Cubicles
The uses for Beadboard are almost endless!
It's a versatile surface covering that has stood the test of time.

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Office Cubicle Partitions
A standard carpet surface was used for the side of these partitions that faces each cubicle but extensive woodwork in this beamed-ceiling office called for something more on the public side of the partitions. Beadboard was the solution!

Beadboard on an Entry Door Entry Door (right)
It is very common for this style of entry door (often referred to a Cottage Door) to have Beadboard in the lower area.

Dutch Door (below left)
The dutch (split) door leading from this unairconditioned woodworking shop allows the top half to be opened for cross ventilation without letting the dogs in! The Beadboard is not only decorative, but since it is applied diagonally, it helps keep these very heavy 4" thick doors square.

Beadboard Dutch (split) Door Beadboard Double Closet Doors

Closet Doors (above right)
This is the other side of the large office we saw at the Interior Walls and Ceilings page. We include it here as a reminder that Beadboard is fantastic on doors.

PVC Beadboard as Underpinning Underpinning
The open space below porches and decks can be unsightly. Lattice panels are frequently used to fill this area but they still admit light and that can promote unwanted plant growth behind these panels.

A perfect underpinning solution is AZEK® Brand Cellular PVC Beadboard. It's decorative, durable, and can be used in direct contact with the ground.

PVC Beadboard on Knee Wall Kneewalls
Here's another great use for AZEK PVC Beadboard. Exterior kneewalls are exposed to a lot of moisture ... but AZEK Brand Cellular PVC doesn't care! And, because it does not absorb moisture it will hold paint much longer than wood. That's an important consideration for areas such as this.

PVC Beadboard under Eaves Soffits
The area under a building's eaves is called the soffit. It's often covered with plywood which can look unslightly after a few years and is difficult to paint. Vinyl siding is frequently used as a soffit covering to get around the maintenance issues of plywood but it often doesn't look very good in that location.

AZEK Brand Cellular PVC Beadboard is not only much more decorative than plain plywood or vinyl soffit material but it also holds paint much better than wood.

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(Samples available at each Category)

Introduction | Product Listings | Info | Calculators | Usage Photos | Previous Page

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