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Porch Ceiling Beadboard

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(Click each photo below for larger sizes, more views, etc.)

Beadboard Barrel Vaulted Entry
Beadboard has always
been a favorite for
porch ceilings.

It's a traditional, classic treatment for porch ceilings that has stood the test of time. A stained or painted beadboard ceiling adds charm hard to match otherwise.

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Barrel Vaulted Entry Porch
Our 2-1/2" wide stained Cypress Beadboard used in the above photo was easy to install on this curve because we mill our Beadboard the old-fashioned way ... one board at a time. There is enough slack in the tongue and groove for 5/8", 1/2" or 3/8" thick by 2-1/2" wide Beadboard or V-Groove Board to be installed on such curves. The results speak for themselves!

PVC Beadboard Ceiling Tongue & Groove Beadboard is
Far Superior to 4x8 Sheets

Installing 4x8 sheets of fake beadboard paneling may seem like a good idea ... until they've been up a few months. Then the wavy, sagging panels will look even worse than the plywood you're probably trying to hide. Far better to use our genuine, traditional wood tongue & groove beadboard and do the job right the first time! (Our PVC tongue & groove beadboard also works great.)

Because you're working with individual boards rather than awkwardly large and floppy sheets, installation will also be much easier. Individual boards can also be shimmed with thin strips of wood to smooth out any unevenness in underlying ceiling joists. This can be done as you proceed, something that is very difficult to do with 4x8 sheet material.

Herringbone Beadboard Pattern Herringbone Pattern
We used our own Vintage Woodworks Beadboard on the porch ceiling of one of our office buildings ... and we love it! The 3-1/4" wide Yellow Pine Beadboard was installed in a herringbone pattern between antique beams. Golden Oak stain has mellowed to a rich patina that is a joy to live with.

AZEK PVC Beadboard
AZEK® PVC Beadboard
Stained or painted wood Beadboard is perfectly fine for covered porch ceilings providing the roof above does not leak. However, for difficult environments, such as ocean or river front property, boat houses, etc., AZEK PVC Beadboard is the ultimate solution.

AZEK PVC Beadboard

Why Blue?
Traditionally, porch ceilings were painted light blue. Although we do not know for sure, here are two theories we have heard:
      • Blue reminds people of the sky above.
      • Blue helps keep mosquitoes away.

More recently it has become popular to stain wood beadboard porch ceilings. Whether to paint or stain is a matter of personal choice ... either way you're going to love your new Beadboard porch ceiling!

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(Samples available at each Category)

Introduction | Product Listings | Info | Calculators | Usage Photos | Previous Page

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