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Choosing the Right Spandrel

We offer a very generous selection of Spandrels. Each can be used inside or outside. For exterior use, please consider upgrading to Poplar or Cypress and/or at least 1" thick cutwork.

Our fanciful Fretwork Spandrels, with their intricate cutwork and carefully joined Ball & Dowel or Spindle sections, are handcrafted masterpieces. Our Cut Out Spandrels offer yet other possibilities, and our ever popular Classic Spandrels come in just about any size and style.

We’ll handcraft each of your Spandrels to the exact length required. You need only supply accurate measurements (steel measuring tape, please), and we’ll take care of the rest; promptly shipping Spandrels that convey your romantic outlook.

Fretwork Spandrels Fretwork Spandrels   Our great grandparents’ Fretwork Spandrels were cherished for their meticulous attention to detail. Lacy scrollwork was first handcut, one piece at a time. Then, Ball & Dowel or Spindle sections were combined with this cutwork to create just the length required. Installed in positions of importance, these masterpieces were admired by all!

We continue this tradition, enjoying old fashioned pride in our work and knowing we create beauty that has already stood the important test of time.

Let us handcraft, just for you, Fretwork Spandrels that are truly artistry in wood. The added value, and your continuous enjoyment, now and for the future, are the promise of an investment in Vintage Woodworks’ Spandrels.

So convey your romantic outlook with our fanciful Fretwork Spandrels, and beautify a place in your home... as well as your heart!

They're perfect for interior use, where their elegant detailing may be enjoyed at close range by all. Over the kitchen sink is the all-time favorite location for Fretwork Spandrels within the home. After kitchens, the next most popular location within the home is in cased openings (openings without doors), where their beauty can be enjoyed from both rooms! At the tops of recessed alcoves, over vanities, and in the front entry area of the home are also typical uses for Fretwork Spandrels.

But don’t stop with typical! For example, a Fretwork Spandrel can easily become a headboard, skirt for a table, or ... ? In fact, we’ve had people order our Fretwork Spandrels just to use as a wall hanging... art for art’s sake!

And although our Classic or Cut Out Spandrels are more typically used on porches, if the budget allows, it’s grand to use Fretwork Spandrels here as well. It’s hard to beat the sheer elegance of walking up to a porch outfitted with Vintage Woodworks Fretwork Spandrels!

Classic Spandrels Classic Spandrels   More basic in design, its simplicity is also the Classic Spandrel’s greatest strength. Repeating patterns can easily mesmerize, while our very extensive variety assures just the right size and design for every need. Classic Spandrels are used inside in all the same places as their fancier cousins. Their simpler designs are often appropriate where a more “built-in” look is desired.

And our Classic Spandrels are, of course, right at home on your porch, where a lower cost per foot, and wide range of sizes are often important considerations. You can achieve most of the drama Fretwork Spandrels provide a porch by placing Brackets beneath less expensive Classic Spandrels. From a distance the effect will be much the same, and your savings can be used to feature a few of our Vintage Woodworks Fretwork Spandrels inside!

Cut Out Spandrels Cut Out Spandrels   These special Spandrels have fanciful cutwork designs but are also very cost effective. They are often used above or below Classic Spandrels to add extra flair to a porch. They are also often used as Gable Decoration. Within the home their decorative designs often add just the right amout of ornamentation.

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