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Gable Decoration Product Listings

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Gable Decoration Usage Photo

Our wood and PVC (vinyl) decorative Gable Decorations can be installed to fit a variety of roof pitches (slopes). Center drop piece will have attached finial. PVC Gable Finials vary slightly.

Our Recommendation: Due to the weather exposure gables typically receive, please consider PVC for your Gable Decorations. AZEK® Brand Cellular PVC is a synthetic wood that will never crack, warp, or rot and is impervious to moisture, salt, and insects! That's perfect for Gable Decorations, since they're difficult to re-paint once installed. NOTE: Balls & dowels, if present, are light-colored smooth hardwoods, regardless which material you select for your Gable Decoration.

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If ordering Gables in White Pine, the drop attached to the finial will be made of Cypress. (Cypress is very close in color to White Pine.)

If ordering in wood, please consider upgrading to at least 1-1/4" thickness. NOTE - 3/4" thick Redwood comes to us from the mills at 5/8" actual thickness and is not suitable for Gable Decorations. The other Redwood thicknesses come in at full measure, as do all other woods. Cedar in 3/4" and 1" thicknesses are also not suitable for Gable Decorations.

"Attached is a photograph of ... the installation of your [Gable Decorations] on the front gables. Thanks for supplying the most recent improvement. Your product line is excellent and the appearance of the house has resulted in numerous compliments."     - Dave L, Texas

Click a Gable Decoration for a larger view

Gable Wings
Gable Wings  (4212)
2 cutwork pieces with attached 35"
or 45" long side rails.
Center drop with attached finial.
12/12 pitch shown.
Small Scroll
Small Scroll  (4221)
2 cutwork pieces
with attached 24" long
(approximate) side rails.
Center drop with attached finial.
Steep 17/12 pitch shown.
Old Lace
Standard Old Lace  (4214)
2 cutwork pieces
with attached side rails and
center drop with attached finial.
12/12 pitch shown.
Extendable Old Lace
EXTENDED Old Lace  (4214)
Order this modified Old Lace with as many Extensions and/or End pieces as desired. Drawing shows 2 Extensions and 1 End Piece per side at 14/12 pitch.
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Large Ball
Large Ball Gable  (4210)
Only available with 1-1/2" thick frames
and crescents. (1-1/4" in PVC)

1-3/4" hardwood balls on 1/2" dowels
(regardless which material is ordered).

Available in all standard roof pitches
at no additional charge!

Side frames vary in length according to pitch.
8/12 pitch (left) has 27" side frames.
16/12 pitch (right) has 37-1/8" side frames.
Flying Circle
Flying Circle  (4208)
Only available for 10/12 and 12/12 roof pitches.
12/12 pitch (shown) is 74" wide overall. 10/12 pitch is 94" wide. Shipped as individual components. Ball and dowel section (36" wide) is assembled. Balls and dowels are light colored hardwoods regardless which frame material is ordered.

Use temporary cross bracing to hoist
assembled Gable Decoration into position.
Lauren Elizabeth
Lauren Elizabeth  (4203)
2 cutwork pieces with
attached 51" long (approximate) side rails.

Each side is cut from one piece of material.

Available for pitches from 3/12 through 16/12.
The shallower the pitch (smaller top number), the more space there will be between the two sides of the design.
16/12 pitch shown.
Ampersand  (4215)
2 side pieces with 1-3/4" balls
and attached 62" or 74" Rails.
(Custom lengths available.)

Center drop with attached finial.

Balls & dowels are hardwoods,
regardless which material is ordered.
12/12 pitch shown.
Click a Gable Decoration for a larger view

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