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Options for your Screen and Storm Doors

NOTE: If the option you want is not one of our standard pop-down options at the product selection pages, just mention it in 'Comments' during order checkout. We will adjust your final mailed invoice accordingly.

CUSTOM SIZES: Your door is built to size at no extra charge! (Oversize Fee if over 40" wide or 85" tall.) Design may vary slightly to accommodate your required door size. If we don't feel you'll be completely pleased with a particular design at a given size, we’ll advise before starting your door.

CUSTOM DESIGNS: Our standard designs are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg! Perhaps you favor the top section of one door, but the bottom section from another? No problem! We'll just combine these sections with the middle design of your choice to create your own “dream door.” You can add, omit, or change the details of the designs we show, or start from "scratch" with your own ideas. Either way, we’re eager to produce a special door just for you! Call us at 903-356-2158, and we'll talk it over.

TEMPERED SAFETY GLASS STORM PANELS: We are happy to offer optional premium-quality tempered safety glass Storm Panels together with Screen Panels. These Storm Panels can easily replace screen panels on a seasonal basis. Or, we'll ship tempered glass in place of standard screens if you prefer a year-round Storm Door!

We use only tempered safety glass for our Storm Panels. In the very unlikely event the glass is broken, it will shatter into small pellets. (We've tested it with hammer blows with no damage! Obviously, your glass will ship without problems.) We do NOT recommend using plexiglass in doors, as it scratches easily, may yellow with age, and usually distorts your view.

Hint - If damage by kids or pets to the lower screened portion of your door is a possibility, order a door design that includes a center push bar. This will separate your screen/glass areas into top and bottom sections. Since the glass faces in, you can leave the bottom glass in year round to protect the door from damage, while still enjoying fresh air through the top screened section!

PET DOORS: We can customize almost any of our doors so that you or your carpenter can then install a pet door. We will provide a 1" thick, plain, solid wood panel in the bottom portion of your chosen door. This panel permanently replaces the screen (or storm glass) area that would otherwise occupy the lower portion of the door.

Measurements Needed
We will need to know the overall size of your pet door, including its frame. We also need to know how high above the floor you want the bottom of the pet door frame after you install it. We can then determine what height to make the solid panel. We will also determine whether this panel will be wide enough, given the overall door width, to accommodate your chosen pet door.

We normally recommend at least 1 inch of the wood panel be exposed beyond each of the four sides of the installed pet door's frame. For example, if your pet door is 20" high overall, including its frame, the solid panel should be at least 22" in height.

When you receive your door, remove the back moulding screws and the four moulding strips that are holding the 1" thick panel in place. Remove the panel. Following the pet door manufacturer's instructions, install your pet door into the panel. Reinstall the panel into the door.

INTERIOR DOORS: Our Screen Doors can also be used as unique interior doors. Many order our regular Screen Doors for use inside, particularly for the Pantry.

When used inside the home, our Doors admit light between rooms with a grace and charm that’s difficult to achieve in any other way. And because our doors allow easy removal of the one or two glass or screen panels, it’ll be much easier to paint or stain your door, compared to standard French Doors.

For interior doors we recommend 1-3/8" thick frames, to better accommodate standard interior door hardware.

DOUBLE DOORS: Any of our Doors can be installed as double Doors. Double Screen or Storm Doors, when installed in front of main double doors, must swing opposite the main doors. For most installations, it is preferable for the main doors to open into the room and the Screen or Storm Doors to swing outward.

T-Astragal Moulding T-Astragal Moulding is used to hide the space between double Doors. Our T-Astragal Moulding is 1-7/16" x 2" and fits up to 1-3/4" thick Doors. It is 1/2" wide at the point where the Doors meet. Therefore, we recommend ordering each Door 1/4" less than half the width of your overall opening. Or, provide us with the overall opening width (please use steel tape for measuring), and we will compute the Door widths needed for use with T-Astragal.

To install, attach T-Astragal to the edge of one Door with the T-Astragal's decorative side facing the same direction as the swing. For example, if the Doors are to swing outward, the decorative face of the T-Astragal must be on the outside also. T-Astragal Samples

3" WIDE FRAME: Our standard doors have 4" wide top and side frames, and 8" tall bottom rails (Mouldings add another 1" to these measurements). This assures a substantial, elegant door. We also build a 3" wide frame (same 8" bottom rail, unless you request otherwise). Lighter in overall appearance, 3" wide frames (4" with mouldings) are typical of doors 24" or less in width, as wider doors need our standard 4" wide frames to resist warping. Our 3" wide frames have the same mortise and tenon lock-pin joints and premium 1-1/8" thickness.

NOTE: If the option you want is not one of our standard pop-down options at the product selection pages, just mention it in 'Comments' during order checkout. We will adjust your final mailed invoice accordingly.

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