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Gable Decoration Installation

For Gable Decorations with a center Drop, the following instructions apply. The product listing for Gable #4208, includes installation tips. For other designs without a center Drop, please skip to step 4 below, and install Side Pieces touching at center of gable.

Typical installation: Gable Decorations are screwed to the soffit, the bottom board of the eave. The fascia (eave face board) usually overhangs the soffit by a small amount. Gable Decorations are normally installed below and immediately behind the fascia. That is, they are mounted out from the wall, suspended just behind the front edge of the eave. Scollwork should touch the center Drop when installed.

Optional installations: If your fascia boards are 1-1/2" or more in thickness, you may prefer screwing Center Drop and Side Pieces directly to the bottom of these fascia boards. In this case only, you'll remove the top flange of Drop, and bevel the top of Drop to fit your gable angle . This may, however, make it more difficult to attach Drop to eave. This Drop modification may also be required if your roof is built without fascia boards.

Determine Center Drop Position 1. Determine center Drop position As shown in Fig.1, position rounded flange (at top of Center Drop Piece) over lower front edge of eave fascia boards. Bottom of notch (behind flange) should be snug against bottom of fascia boards. Center Drop on eave. Drop should hang plumb (straight down), which can be verified with a level. When Drop is centered and plumb, mark outline of flange on fascia boards. Also mark on flange the best position for screw(s) to secure flange to fascia. Due to the center joint between fascia boards, it’s probably better to use two screws, one on each side of the flange. Screw Drop In

2. Pre-drill Drop While on the ground or a flat portion of the roof, pre-drill rounded flange to accept wood screw(s).

3. Install Drop Screw flange of Drop to fascia boards, as shown in Fig.2.
Attach Sides

4. Install Side Pieces
Pre-drill frames of Side Pieces for screws, and then screw Side Pieces into bottom of soffit, as shown in Fig.3. If fascia overhangs soffit, frames should rest just behind fascia boards. Cutwork of Side Pieces should fit tightly against sides of Drop. Now stand back (but only after coming down from on high, please!) and accept the compliments.

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