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Polyurethane Entrance & Window Systems

# SP-EW (caf)

Polyurethane Entrance SystemPediment, Crosshead, and Pilasters of Poly Entrance Systems

Easily create exquisite Entrance and Window Systems using polyurethane Pilasters, Crossheads, and Pediments. Just follow the five steps below (or order a small Polyurethane Sample).

High Density Polyurethane - the only kind we sell - feels, sounds, installs, and paints just like wood... but that's where the similarities end!  Read more about Polyurethane.

"We installed the HD Poly entry system we bought from you and it looks fabulous!"
- N. Bousquet, GA

Instructions for Using the Compatibility Chart Below
1. Visit our Pilaster, Crosshead, and Pediment pages to view the possibilities.

2. Measure the width of your door or window opening.
If brickmould is to remain on the door or window frame, include it in your measurement. This measurement is the "C" Dimension in the above drawing and in the chart below (at the left under Pilaster Width). You can stop right here and call us for assistance if you prefer!

3. Locate your door or window width measurement in the "C" Dimensions columns of the chart below.
A. If your exact "C" measurement IS listed - Move across to the right to select your desired Crosshead and Pediment. (The same "C" Dimension may be listed twice.) Also, note the Pilaster Width(s) that are compatible with your "C" Dimension.
Example: If your "C" dimension is 36", you can choose 7" wide Pilasters with Crossheads CHT5009, CHT 5011, or CHD 5009 and Pediments AP 5315, SP 5315, PP 5314, or RH 5319; OR you can choose 9" wide Pilasters and any of the Crosshead and Pediments in the second group, starting at CHT 5409.
B. If your exact "C" measurement is NOT listed below under any Pilaster width click here for further instructions.

4. Check your chosen Crosshead, Pediment, and Pilaster measurements, as shown in the chart, to be sure there are no existing obstructions that would prevent the installation of these items as intended. Please note in the measured drawing above that Dimension B is slightly less than the overall width of the Pediment.

5. Order Below your chosen Crosshead and Pediment. Order your chosen Pilasters here.

6. Or order a small Polyurethane Sample.

Compatible Crossheads and Pediments Chart

SALE LISTINGS - Items listed immediately below are 75% off!
Online price cannot calculate the Sale discount, but your final invoice WILL show the discount. If your order exceeds the available Sale quantity listed below, extras will be at our regular price.
CHT 5009 - 1 available

VERY IMPORTANT! Read Before Ordering:
        1. Important Additional Info
        2. Important Shipping Info

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