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Kirby Modifications

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The Kirby Post Face Bracket can accommodate several situations that would otherwise make it difficult to install Post Face Brackets:
Protruding Beam Faces (and Moulding Obstructions)
Protruding Beam Faces 1 . When installed, the back edge of the main curl of 7" and 6-1/2" wide Kirby Post Face Brackets leaves a 1" open space behind the curl. (7/8" for the 5-1/4" wide size.) Therefore, your visible beam can extend up to 1" (or 7/8") in front of the face of your Porch Posts without interfering with the Kirby's installation, providing the protruding beam face is no more than 6-1/2", 5-3/4", or 4-1/2" tall respectivly for the 3 Kirby Post Face Bracket widths. This offset at the back of the Kirby will also nicely accommodate mouldings or other protrusions.
Short straight side extended 2 . However, if your protruding beam face is taller than the dimensions listed above, we can lengthen the Kirby's short straight portion located immediately below the main curl to accommodate your taller protruding beam face, as shown here.

Curve extended 3 . Likewise, if your protruding beam face (or moulding or other protrusion) extends more than 1" forward of the face of the Post, we can extend the curved portion at the top of the lower straight area further to the left to create more open space to the right of the main curl, as shown here.
Shallow Soffit Depth
Shallow Soffit Our 3 Kirby Post Face Bracket widths can easily fit net soffit depths (depth behind fascia to front face of Porch Posts) as small as 5-1/4", 4-3/4", and 4" if we remove the small top curl on the left, as shown here. With the small curl present, net soffit depths (to front face of Porch Posts) of 7", 6-1/2", and 5-1/4" can be accommodated.

Depending on depth of soffit, the rounded front edge of the Kirby may protrude a bit beyond the fascia, but this is not a problem if kept well painted.
Overall Length Adjustment
Overall Length Adjustment (shorter)

Overall Length Adjustment (longer)
As with many of our Post Face Brackets, we can adjust the length of the straight portion above Kirby's "foot" to accommodate the flat portion at the top of your Porch Posts. This can be a desirable change, as the bottom of your Post Face Brackets should end at approximately the same point on the Posts as your inline Post Brackets for the best overall effect.

Shown above: 7" x 15" and 7" x 24" sizes. The only difference is the length of the straight portion above the 'foot'.

Contact Us
If you think any of the above customizations, or a combination of them, would benefit your porch's situation, please contact us, as these modifications are very cost effective. (These custom modifications cannot be returned unless defective or made incorrectly. Therefore, if you're not sure you will like the look of a modified Kirby, you can first order just one.)

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