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Introduction to Mouldings

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Mouldings are a great way to bring traditional decorating into your home.

Mouldings Intro Graphic Our broad selection of Mouldings are suitable for a wide variety of applications and most Mouldings are easily installed by the homeowner.

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For example, our Casing & Baseboard Installation System is extremely easy because our Corner and Base Blocks (plus Baseboard Corner Posts) permit installation of Casing and Baseboard mouldings without miter (angle) cuts.

"We've bought several orders of mouldings from Vintage over the past 10 years or so for home remodeling projects - have always been very satisfied."     - Michael W, Michigan

Casing & Blocks around a window Casing
Casing is the wall trim around a door or window. It can be plain or moulded. When installed with Corner and Base Blocks, Casing is very easy to install. In addition to being decorative, Casing can conceal gaps between the wall surface and door or window jambs, while also covering most of the jamb for a more finished look.

The photo at right shows the use of Casings on all four sides of a window, with Corner Blocks in each corner. Our Casing & Blocks Installation Overview provides additional information on the proper positioning of Casing and Blocks relative to the jamb.

Casing could have been applied to the window without Corner Blocks, but this would have required miter (angle) cuts.

Baseboards, Base Blocks, Corner Post on the floor
Baseboards are used at bottom of walls to finish this area and provide additional decoration. When walls are paneled, such as the Beadboard wainscotting shown at left, Baseboard should be installed on top of the paneling. Base Blocks at door bottoms permit Casing and Baseboard to be installed with simple square end cuts instead of more difficult miter cuts.

In the far corner, in the photo above, a Baseboard Corner Post allows the other ends of the Baseboards to also terminate with plain square cuts. The decorative top of the Corner Post complements the Baseboard and avoids excess dust collection in this hard to clean area. This installation method also provides a more traditional, professional, and finished appearance!

Crown Moulding
Mouldings are not limited to use around doors and windows. They can also transform ordinary ceilings into unique and special features for your rooms.

Crown Moulding Drops (corner of the room in photo at right) eliminate miter cuts. However, Crown Mouldings are more typically installed with miter cuts. If you will be mitering, our Crown Moulding and Trim Book can help you master this traditional way of installing Crown Moulding.

You can combine our Crown Mouldings with other components such as Plain Boards and Nosings to create your own unique designs. We have suggested examples of Crown Moulding Assemblies to help get your creative juices flowing. The photo at right shows Crown Set 3.

Crown Moulding and Crown Drop Usage Photo

Crown Moulding Usage Photo
Window Cap - Exterior Usage Photo Door and Window Caps
Turn plain Doors and Windows into elegant focal points with our Door and Window Caps. Also known as Crossheads or Door Mantels, these traditional, decorative elements provide additional visual height for both interior and exterior doors and windows.

Our Door and Window Caps are available in various woods, PVC, and Polyurethane.
Photo above shows polyurethane Door & Window Cap CSH 1006.

Other Mouldings
Moulding trim work can also include Picture Rail Moulding, Chair Rail, Protective Corner Beads, and many others. Please see our Product Listings for our complete selection of Mouldings and related items.

"Great quality and so nice to be able to closely match the vintage trim in our old 1800s house. We will definitely buy from you again on our upcoming bathroom remodel project. I'd given up hope of finding even reclaimed trim that matched our house, so it's exciting to see how all your options of style, size, and species can fill almost every need. It's all so nice that I almost hated to start staining it, but now it's even better. Thanks again for such great quality."                                                                                                 - Michael C, Kansas

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Moulding Product Listings
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Usage Photos - Mouldings & Blocks
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Casing & Baseboard Installation Booklet
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