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Porch Columns

* Photo Photo 85 discusses the two issues with adding Brackets on Columns
* Porch Photo 87 has details on Balustrade between Columns and use of Newels on either side of steps
* Porch Photo 91 discusses the number of columns (spacing) on porch
* Porch Photo 10 discusses Craftsman's style with use of columns
* Porch Post at OPG
* Third Dimension at OPG
* Installation worksheet for Posts at OPG

We also have BP on installing Brackets on Columns or Posts with a bump out, Adding Spandrels and/or Brackets to Round Columns, Balustrades and Columns, and choosing correct size of Posts.

Not sure if we want to push Columns on porches, or if we want to lead cs away from Columns to Posts.

We have photos of "normal" size house that use Columns with our product and they look great (links above). I know most people think of Columns being used on multi-million dollar homes. Our OPG is written for use of only Posts.

Will we be adding a section for Columns for those customers who choose to go this route? Listing some of the cons they will encounter like considering what type of Balustrade and decorations will be added.

We could recommend order Round or Fluted Columns without the capitals for easier installation of decorations. This might also be a good opportunity to work on our larger sloped top bottom railing and recommend our larger 4" & 6" cedar balusters. I think we were also working on some plain spandrels that may help with the general appearance when used on porches with columns. The best part of all this situation is that we can have provided decorative items for porches with columns.

We have photos from CR website of "larger" homes with Columns that we could place online if need to show cs that they can be used on most house styles.
Photos of Porch Designs - including the porch roof Photos of Porch Designs

Not sure what roofline your porch needs? Access our 30 years experience with porch roofs. Review hundreds of photos with helpful tips. Buy direct & save on 1000's of wood and low maintenance synthetic parts.

Online Porch Guide - including the Porch Roof Complete Porch Guide
Includes the two sections mentioned just above plus a great deal more! You can browse examples (photos, drawings, and floorplans), study anatomy and construction, design and draw your porch roof (no art skills required), identify the best decorative elements, and learn proper component installation techniques.

Photos of Porch Designs and Porch Roof All 354 Photos of Porches
Get inspired! Review our photos to kindle great porch ideas for your own home. Keep in mind that your house doesn't need to be an exact match to create the same look and feel.

Parts for Porches 1000's of Parts for Porches
From Flooring Boards to the decorative items at the top of the Posts, we have everything to bring your ideas to life! Our professional, easy to install Railing system and Third Dimension approach blend style, substance and authenticity. Extensive selection includes Brackets, Spandrels, Balusters, Rails, and much more in weather-resistant woods and AZEK Brand Cellular PVC.

Free Personalized Consultation on Porch Roof Design Free Consultation
We are available by phone or email for free personalized porch roof design consultation, help with choice of components, and all related questions. We have long believed that planning, designing, and building porches is a most worthwhile endeavor. We still do!

During the past 30 years we've assisted thousands with their porch roof designs. Now we're eager to help create your dreams!

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