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AZEK® PVC Porch Boards

AZEK Porch Boards PVC with the look, feel, and sound of premium wood porch boards, but because it's Cellular PVC, AZEK® Porch Boards have eliminated virtually all the problems of both wood and composite porch decks.

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AZEK Porch Boards with Tongue and Groove Joints

Outstanding features include:
      • Lifetime Limited Warranty
      • Truly Low Maintenance
      • Slip Resistant Surface
      • Superior Stain Resistance
      • Superior Mold Resistance
      • Superior Scratch Resistance
      • Solid Workability & Beauty
      • Permanent Colors

Tongue and groove installation with a slight crack between boards... just like wood porch flooring! Wood grain surface is almost impossible to distinguish from wood porch decking.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
AZEK Porch Boards carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty by AZEK Building Products, the leader in Cellular PVC technology. With more than 20 years of experience in Cellular PVC manufacturing, AZEK also makes AZEK Deck, the best decking on the market. Together with AZEK Porch Boards, these high performance, low maintenance products have revolutionized the porch and decking industries!

See the Videos
View a 5-part video series showing how one of our owners installed AZEK Porch Boards on his own porch! Series starts with repairs to the porch foundation and ends with a beautiful, authentic-looking, lifetime porch floor.

Truly Low Maintenance
Because the finish is built in, AZEK Porch Boards require almost no maintenance. An occasional, optional soap-and-water cleaning is all it takes to keep it looking and performing like new. This miracle material resists stains, moisture, scuffs, scratching, fading, mold, and mildew. (The Cellular PVC formulation doesn’t contain wood fibers - something which can promote mold and mildew growth.)

An added advantage of this special formulation: unlike some competing products containing polyetheylene and wood fiber, AZEK Porch can be used in covered or uncovered areas. Just avoid rubber-backed items (door mats, pool toys, etc), abrasive cleaners, and certain products containing chemicals harmful to plastics, and your AZEK Porch floor will still look like new many years from now! (See Care & Maintenance page.)

Slip Resistant Surface
AZEK Porch Boards AZEK Porch Boards' proprietary embossing system creates one of the most aesthetically pleasing wood grain finishes in the industry. Attention to detail includes milling the tongue and groove joint with a slight gap, which is commonly seen in wood porch flooring. This minor "flaw" had to be designed into AZEK Porch Boards to complete its flawless simulation of real wood. You'll enjoy the classic beauty of stained wood without the ongoing hassle of upkeep. This natural-looking wood grain finish provides the safety of a slip resistant surface while looking great!

Superior Stain Resistance
AZEK Porch Boards' Cellular PVC formulation resists natural and man-made stains such as wet leaves, fruit punch and the ketchup from your burger. Soap and water easily removes the kinds of discoloration which often permanently mark wood and composition flooring.

Superior Scratch Resistance
A strong, dense surface resists scratches from screws, tools and other gear during installation, so you can work with less worry. After installation, AZEK Porch Boards resist damage from everyday things like porch furniture, dog claws and general traffic wear patterns.

Solid Workability & Beauty
AZEK Porch Boards have the look, feel, and sound of wood. Installation is easy and uses the same tools and techniques as wood porch decking. But that's where the similarity ends! The long lasting color and enduring beauty of your AZEK porch floor will still be getting compliments long after wood floors of similar age need replacing and composite materials are scratched and faded.

Permanent Colors
Available in five colors. Compare AZEK Porch Boards to other wood and non-wood flooring materials and it's easy to see the difference. Thanks to Colorfast Solutions(tm) by Americhem, Inc. one of the industry's leading color experts, you get vibrant color that will hold up in the harshest climate and the hardest use.

Click colors below for a larger view or to order samples. AZEK® Porch Board Colors

Your Next Step
AZEK Porch is by far your best choice in porch flooring. Over the life of the product it is also your least expensive choice! Order a free sample of AZEK Porch Board and then take the AZEK Double Dare Challenge! Prove for yourself that AZEK Porch Boards are your best solution now and for the future!

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3-3/8" AZEK PVC Porch Boards
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