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Alternate Landing Pages

1. For various reasons, such as use in PPC ads, or because they are Crossover pages between Interior and Exterior products, some Store pages cannot ‘live’ at our regular pages.

2. If they are used in place of regular pages, we call them Alternate Landing Pages (ALT). They are held under a cover page also called Alternate Landing Pages. We consider them to be floating pages because they are not part of the Home “tree”. They typically have a Parent property (Type = IDS) of "index".

3. The Parent property can be used for something other than "index" so that the floating page appears to "live” on a regular page. However, Search SPIDERS are not able to index floating pages until they actually "live" at a regular Store page.

4. Also, floating pages that are pop-up windows can be linked to from regular pages and still have NSNF because they do not need to be indexed by the Search Spiders, as they are not meant to be used to point customers to our site.

5. Three types
A. Unique Content - Remove NSNF and "float" the page. Set Parent property set to 'Index'.
"Banister Info Page"
-Our online ads for all ‘Banister’ keywords should point to our Banister Landing Page.
- Page defines banister and then provides links to both exterior & interior components.

B. Duplicate content
Pages that have been created as a duplicate of a current page will need to be redone. These pages need to be changed so they have unique content. Strategy is to start with one page and work from start to finish before moving on. Consider adding to A to Z Index.

C. Misspellings (with duplicate content)
Pages created with alternate spelling will remain as Alt Landing Pgs and continue to have the NSNF. Include misspellings in the Caption field at LIVE Product pages.

6. Upgrading LPs
LPs should be ungraded whenever we make improvements to our regular pages. Example: when we added yellow action buttons, we should also have added these to our LPs.

Alt Pages should typically have the following:
- Yellow Shop All button
- hide-prev-button to suppress auto-Previous Page link
- Horz. links line at top and bottom
- RPs to be the same as at the 'real' page
- Samples, if available
- Content Links - same as Contents at 'real' page for a given product category
- Abstract

7. Other types of pages that do not 'live' on our regular Store pages
A. Miscellaneous pages: holding ordering info, newsletter sign up, item pages and others
B. Pop-up Pages
C. Webmaster Pages
D. iframes

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Alternate Landing Pages
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