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2" and 3" Cedar Balusters

# MS-

Cedar Baluster Usage Photo Premium kiln-dried Western Red Cedar Turned Balusters. Quantity discounts available. Bottom Notching option below is for Sloped-top Bottom Rail - very important for exterior projects!

For 12" and shorter see Chunky Spindles. Also, see Turned Hemlock, Plain Square, High Density Polyurethane, Sawn, and Interior Balusters.

Order Below

For 12" and shorter see Chunky Spindles. Also, see Interior Stair Parts.

To view PRICES, please scroll down and select a Baluster from the Design & Size dropdown.
3'' Traditional
3" MS-Traditional
3" x 20" (CL320)
3" x 24" (CL324)
3" x 28" (CL328)
3" x 32" (CL332)
3" x 36" (CL336)
3'' Designer
3" MS-Designer
3" x 20" (D320)
3" x 24" (D324)
3" x 28" (D328)
3" x 32" (D332)
3" x 36" (D336)
2'' Traditional
2" MS-Traditional
2" x 20" (CL220)
2" x 24" (CL224)
2" x 28" (CL228)
2" x 32" (CL232)
2" x 36" (CL236)
2'' x 3'' Oval
2" x 3" MS-Oval
2" x 3" x 20" (CTO2320)
2" x 3" x 24" (CTO2324)
2" x 3" x 28" (CTO2328)
2" x 3" x 32" (CTO2332)
2" x 3" x 36" (CTO2336)
3'' Victorian
3" MS-Victorian
3" x 24" (V324)
3" x 28" (V328)
3" x 32" (V332)
3" x 36" (V336)
3'' Horizon
3" MS-Horizon
3" x 24" (H324)
3" x 28" (H328)
3" x 32" (H332)
3" x 36" (H336)

Order Below

To view PRICES, please scroll down and select a Baluster from the Design & Size dropdown.
Nominal (trade) sizes are listed above with actual sizes listed just below and in the Design & Size dropdown.

Actual Cross Section Sizes (at square tops and bottoms) for the Balusters on this page. Actual Lengths are listed in the Design & Size dropdown below.
        3" MS-Traditional, Designer, Victorian, and Horizon - 2-1/4" x 2-1/4" actual
        2" MS-Traditional - 1-7/16" x 1-7/16" actual
        2"x3" MS-Oval - 1-7/16" x 2-1/8" actual
See Turned Cedar Baluster Measurements Chart for length of square tops and bottoms.

2" x 3" Oval Turned Cedar Balusters
When installed with their wider face toward the street (as shown above) our Oval Balusters create a substantial effect similar to 3" x 3" Balusters, but cost much less. The turned section is oval rather than round and is quite elegant! If you're ordering Bottom Notching for these Oval Balusters, we will assume you're installing them with their wider face out (as shown above) and we will notch accordingly unless you request otherwise.


Quantity Based Pricing
Price is per Baluster, based on TOTAL quantity of Balusters in any one design/size combination. See explanation and examples.

VERY IMPORTANT! Read before ordering:
     1. Actual sizes are listed in a paragraph above and in the Design & Size drop down below.
     2. Some orders may require additional shipping charges. If so, we will advise before finalizing your order.
     3. Baluster Information (Size Matching Chart, Height Calculator, Qty Needed, Spacing, Installation, etc.)

ORDER HERE  (Please select options to calculate Price)
Design and Size:
Quantity Based Pricing:
Bottom Notching:
Price: $34.94
(updates after selecting options)

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