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Determining what part of SKU should be in Code field - see Code Numbers

1. Refer to SKU Listing for same or similar item to determine the appropriate merch code, class code
and description.
A. Keeping the merch code, class code and description similar helps keep items categorized for
easy access and verification.
(1) For example all Porch Posts have a merch code of 60
(2) Class code for Porch Posts start with 60.xx
a. Porch Posts - 60.1
b. Porch Posts from Coffman (CF) - 60.11
c. Porch Posts from Mr. Spindle (MS) - 60.12
d. Porch Posts from Crown (CR) - 60.13
e. Porch Posts from Custom Decorative Moulding (CDM) - 60.14

B. Listing of merch codes and class codes can be located at the beginning of the SKU listing.

2. VWW Item:
A. SKU will begin with the number of class code if VWW item.
(1) For example, Fret Bracket class code is 12.
a. All SKU for Fret Brackets begin with 12, such as # 1234 for Arch Bracket.

B. New items:
(1) Fbg will assign a number that is not in use (in current SKU listing printout).
(2) Q will need to confirm in the iv.master that number is not in use.
a. SKUs in the iv.master are never deleted in ACT even if they have been discontinued.
(3) Assign the wood definer, thickness definer, and then framing definer.
a. Thickness and framing definer are not always applicable.
(4) Description of item is listed in this order:
a. Name
b. Thickness
c. Framing (if applicable)
d. Wood type.
e. If item is "Special" or a "Sample".
Place *special* or *sample* before the item’s name in the description.

4. Vendor Item:
A. Begin with two alpha characters followed by a " -" without spaces.
(1) Examples
a. Mr. Spindle items begin with MS- such as MS-P609j2
b. Southwest Mouldings items (not kept in stock) begin with SM- such as SM-3042
(2) Do NOT use Distributors names or Product Lines within a given Vendor, etc.
a. AZEK Deck Bds begin with AZ-, for AZEK. (We may have more than one distributor)
b. Screws for AZEK products begin with SB-, for Starborn. (Not Headcote)

B. SKUs should consist of Vendor’s SKUs number when applicable.
(1) If Vendor does not provide a single SKU for each individual item
a.Set up definers to use in the SKU
i. Size
ii. Design
iii. Other definers
b. See MS items
(2) SKU is unknown, contact Vendor find out what is on the package, use this number.
(3) If the vendor changes their SKU in the future, the old one will remain in use.

C. Description of item is listed in this order:
(1) Name
(2) Size
(3)Wood type

E. Description of packaging should match Vendor’s wording. Call a box a box etc.

5. Maximum ACT Character Lengths
A. ct.master - 15
B. iv.master
(1) First line before wrapping - 36
(2) Maximum with line wrapping - 72

6. Remember – items may have different SKU requirements, always refer SKU listing for similar item.

7. See General Information in Support Book for additional information on definers.
A. For wood type definers - "Material Type Upcharges - Pine as base price" on Info1
B. Thickness definers - "J Numbers for Thickness" on Info 2
C. Framing definers - "Framing / Top Rail / Bottom Rail" on Info 2

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Porches - START HERE!
Porches - START HERE!
Gable Decorations
Gable Decorations
Screen/Storm Doors
Screen/Storm Doors
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