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Ordering Post Top Items

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Since your Spandrels will occupy the same space between Porch Posts as your Balustrade sections, they will also be of the same length.

If your Porch Posts are not yet in place you must calculate the spacing based on your design, taking into account the overall length or width of the porch, the number, thickness, and spacing of your Posts, and their inset from the edge of the flooring. If you have any questions or concerns about how to do this, please call us. We are always ready to assist you by phone at 903-356-2158.

Spandrels that include scrollwork or a fan at each end should be ordered precisely to the nearest 1/16”, as it is not practical to alter the length on the job site. Please use a steel measuring tape and check twice.

Spandrels without scrollwork or fans at their ends can also be ordered to the nearest 1/16”. However, they are sometimes ordered slightly longer (perhaps 1") and trimmed by equal amounts on each end during installation. This is particularly appropriate when scheduling necessitates ordering your Spandrels before the Porch Posts are installed.

If you choose to order your Spandrels slightly long, be sure to let us know this and also your anticipated installed length. We can then position the first and last Ball & Dowel or Spindle so they will be in the right place after you trim each end of the top and bottom framing. If you are not the one doing the installation, be sure to explain to your carpenter that they must be trimmed equal amounts on both ends.

Typically you will use two Brackets per full Porch Post (including corner Posts), and one Bracket per half Post. If you are unsure of which size Bracket to order, make several cardboard "dummies." These can be simple triangular shapes of the approximate size of the Bracket you have in mind.

Have someone hold these into place while you stand back at the curb. At this distance you may decide that a Bracket one size larger will show to better advantage. Also, try rotating your dummies 90°. You may find that you like your chosen Bracket turned sideways.

Also, please consider ordering your Brackets in a thicker version, as this will greatly enhance their strength, while appearing very substantial.

Running Trims
If Running Trims are to be installed between Brackets you will need to take the horizontal measurement of the Bracket into account when determining the length of Running Trim needed for each space. If you are using Drops (as shown in the illustration of Post Top Items) to transition between Bracket and Running Trim, then also deduct the Drops' widths.

Add all of your required Running Trim lengths together to arrive at the total amount of Running Trim you will need. If the Running Trim you want is sold in a fixed length, divide your total requirements by this fixed length, and order to the next greater whole piece of Running Trim. For example, if you determine that you will need a total of 22 feet of Running Trim, and if your chosen style comes in 4 foot lengths, then 22 divided by 4 equals 5.5, so you would order 6 lengths. You can then trim to fit or butt pieces together to fill each space.

Please remember that you can order your Running Trims with a moulded top rail attached. This Top Rail makes installation easier and adds substance to your finished project.

In most installations, Medallions will need to be the same depth as the Spandrel. You will probably need two Medallions for each Porch Post, and one for each half Post.

We are available by phone or email for free personalized consultation.

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