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Home > Products > Porch Posts > Info - Porch Posts  > Porch Post Installation Instructions > Polyurethane Steel Core Porch Post Installation

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Polyurethane Steel Core Porch Post Installation

(Also see Planning & Placement and General Post Installation)

Install with the included Mounting Plates to validate warranty.

Handrail must be attached to the bottom square portion of your installed Posts. Keep this in mind if you need to shorten your Posts. To attach Rails, first pre-drill into the interior steel pipe. Installation screws must penetrate into this pipe.

1. Measure height where Post will be installed, then use a bottle jack (available at Wal-mart) to place a temporary support that lifts porch structure just slightly higher where Post is to be installed. Be sure temporary support is secure. Normally, Posts can be installed one at a time with only a single jack.

2. Decide how much is to be trimmed from each end of Post. If using handrail, check local building codes for minimum rail height. Handrail should fit entirely on the bottom flat area of Post. Keep in mind you need to leave enough top flat area for any intended decorative items. Mounting Plates are 1/8" thick each so please allow 1/4" (combined) if using top and bottom Mounting Plates.

3. With the above considerations in mind, cut top and/or bottom of Post to achieve desired overall length. Use a metal cutting saw or a hacksaw.

4. Slide cap and base Trim Sleeves onto each end of Post.

5. Insert top and bottom Mounting Plates into Post and slip Post (with inserted Mounting Plates) in position.

6. Rotate Post 45 degrees relative to properly aligned Mounting Plates to expose screw holes in Plates and position Mounting Plates in place.

7. While a helper holds Post level and plumb, screw through each corner of Mounting Plates into deck and beam using an appropriate fastener for your deck surface. Deck screws are provided.

8. Rotate Post back into position over Mounting Plates.

9. After pre-drilling and countersinking, use the two 4" long self-tapping metal screws (provided with each Mounting Plate) to screw through one end of the Post. Screws should be installed at right angles to each other and should pass through the tubular portion of Mounting Plate and into center pipe of Post. Select a position for these screws that will be covered by the Trim Sleeve.

10. Apply PL Premium Adhesive where Trim Sleeves meet floor and ceiling. Then, slide the Trim Sleeves into final position at both ends of the Post.

11. Secure Trim Sleeves in place using brad nails or screws.

12. Fill nail or screw holes in Trim Sleeves, caulking around Trim Sleeve if necessary where Sleeve meets floor and ceiling. Prime and paint. See Finishing Instructions.

Half Post is NOT intended for structural use since it is shipped without the steel core.

Mounting Plate will not work with Half Post, but it is not needed. Half Trim Sleeves are included with Half Post.

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