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Flattening Checklist

Entire Checklist completed on:

Check Considerations When Changing Store

1. Review Product Category/Subcategory

Check to see that all individual products have the same dropdowns

and can be flattened

2. Create at WM a short Mock-up of new flattened page

Use Contents edit button > New to create URL, which should be the same as Product Category or Subcategory you are flattening.

Add No Search/ No Follow at top of Caption.

Add at new page:

Visible-Caption (review current Category and Item pages)

____ Usage Photo

Order Below button

Product Table (with Text box at top and first row of items)

Code = d/ (Sale Items present) or vww

____ Add to Caption Individual product names and SKUs to be


Price = 0.00

Orderable = YES

Abstract - if present at current Category/Subcategory page,

copy to new flattened page

Icon - upload from current Category/Subcategory page

Review Mock-up page in BOTH Firefox and IE

3. Start Sale Listings Pop-up

Create Sale Listings pop-up page with URL = sale-list-category. Follow standard format. See Cornices and YS - How To.

Create bold pop-up link: Sale Listings for (Category) and place near top and bottom of pop-up page

Do Spell Check

4. Ask FBG Managers to review Mock-up at WM

Reviewed by gt

Reviewed by ef

5. After receiving Mock-up approval from FBG Manger:

Add remaining products to Table (with pop-up windows for Larger View when necessary)

Add text links for similar products from other Categories

Get finial page layout approved by gt

Get finial page layout approved by ef

6. Set Properties (IGM)

Page Title, using proper format

Caption (original) - in alpha order, list all Product Names and SKUs

Cross-sell-ids - Copy from current Category/Subcategory pages

7. Create Option Dropdowns and Baseprices

Add at new page:

Design (or Size, etc) in alpha order, with Baseprice ~ codes

and dividing dashed lines or use Plus Pricing



Framing (if applicable)

Sale Items? (see Sale Listings)

____ Request Q discontinue changing any item page Sale Items until newly flattened page is public.

Any other applicable Dropdowns currently present at Item pages

Add Baseprice properties, with prices. Print Design Dropdowns from Flattened page (Selection only).

Go to each Current Item page, select Poplar, and enter Baseprice in your printout. Enter Baseprices in Flattened page.

8. Finish Sale Listings Pop-up

Add all additional listings using proper format from YS - How To

9. Proof newly flattened page (Do NOT proof your own work)

Confirm that No Search/No Follow is present in the Caption and non- visible caption.

At current Product Subcategory page and individual Item pages, study Visible-caption to be sure everything moved properly to the new flattened page. Pay attention to links, dimensions, etc.

Consider whether recent changes to similar pages should be incorporated in the newly flattened page.

If there is anything special/unique on a current Item page, confirm it is now properly handled on the new flattened page.

For each Popup, confirm correct Popup format, size, presence of "Close this Window" at top and bottom, and proper page name.

Review all Properties in edit mode, including proofing of name and SKU in Caption

10. Q Proofing of New Page - RT

Consider whether any Designs use a different pricing scheme.

11. Prepare for Moving to Public Area of Store

Do Spell Check on all new pages

Notify EF it’s time to consider PPC ad links

Don’t actually change PPC links until new URL is published.

Create new Content links (CL) as needed

Check A to Z Index for links that will have to be changed

Check FAQ for links that will have to be changed

Do Store searches in public mode for items on new page

Print Store Search results to have a list of links that will require changing

Do Store searches in public mode for R/Ps of old pages and/or items (Broken Links Checker will not catch R/P). We will have to catch before we publish because once deleted the item will not display as R/P

Print Store Search results for R/Ps so they can be changed

Have FBG proof new Sales Listings against current Sale Listings (both listings in EDIT MODE)

12 Notifications - Consider time of day and people’s schedules before proceeding!

Get approval from GT and EF to begin moving new pages to public part of Store.

Ask those proofing if they will be available to proof once new pages are moved but before Store is Published.

13. Move New Pages to Public Area of Store

Old (obsolete) Pages

Cut and move old pages to WM > Old Pages

Save all old graphics at WM > Old Pages

New Pages

Move new pages from WM to where they will live

Double check Breadcrumbs

Remove NSNF from new flattened page NOT sale listing pop-up

Make page Orderable if not already set to YES

If present, remove wm - from Name Field on all new pages

Category at Pictorial Index

Change Variables - LeftNav-product-categories

Change Variables - Global Cross-sell-ids

Change Variable - Header

Change Home page property Rotator-browse-links

Change Home page property Rotator-photo-links

Change Home page property Rotator-main-links

Create CL at WM as needed

Proof (GT)

Proof (EF, especially every single link now that it’s moved and confirm that old pages were deleted, and RT if prices, sku, etc.)

Correct Links prior to Publishing

Change links found during the public Store searches (can be done while EF/RT proof)

Change links found during the public Store searches on Alt Landing Pages (can be done while being proofied)

Change links found during the public Store searches on Pop-up Pages (can be done while being proofied)

PPC Ads Links

Pause affected Ad Groups (in Google and Bing) and leave paused until after Publishing complete

Make changes while paused

Old Pages in WM

Delete Old Pages from WM > Old Pages

(Must delete before proofing or publishing so that broken links will actually be broken and thus show up on Link Checker.)

14. Publish Store

Check with Q if Ok to publish (Let them know we will be publishing several times and ask before they edit)

Update Variables

Publish Store and update Wiki

UNpause PPC Ad Groups

Have EF start Broken Link Checker

Correct links found by Link Checker

Use CTRL + F to find multiple links on a given page but don’t put “.html” in your find so it will also search R/P

If a link appears as broken on every page, use above and then use View Source and CTRL F. This will show things

outside the page like the Left Nav

Double check PPC links are working (coordinate w/ EF)

Have EF create 301 Redirects (not sooner so we can test for broken links)

Put Test Order in Cart (check for prices and names of products as they appear on store orders)

Send Q info if URL changed so Reply BP and Signatures can be adjusted.

15. After Initial Publishing, Urgent

Re-publish Store and update Wiki > Publishing

Have EF pause 310 Redirects

Have EF run Broken Link Checker again

Correct broken links (see notes above)

Have EF UNpause 310 Redirects

Re-publish Store and update Wiki > Pulblishing

Have EF pause 310 Redirects

Have EF run Broken Link Checker again

Correct broken links (see notes above)

Have EF UNpause 310 Redirects

Repeat 5 steps immediately above until no more broken links are found

Create SN as needed

16. After Publishing, Less Urgent

Let Q know store is published and they can resume updating sale listing

Verify that Abstract is correct

Remove this task from To Do Lists at Wiki and elsewhere

Check all new pages for removal of NSNF

Do specific "Search" for all pages to assure NSNF has been removed

Review Bread Crumbs for all pages. (Should not point to WM.)

Update A-Z Index with any new cross references to newly flattened page

Add the new pages as Related Pages at other Product Categories

Create 2 printouts

At the newly flattened page, in edit mode:

A. Select the Design option and hit Ctrl P. Select "print selection" and print (or copy and paste into an email and print).

Label the printout "[Subcategory] - Design".

Write sizes from current Item pages beside each Item.

B. Select the Baseprices and hit Ctrl P. Select "print selection" and print. Lable the printout for the correct subcategory.

Open each current Item page

Confirm graphic on newly flattened page matches Image on each current Item page

Verify Alt and Title tags were moved properly to the newly flattened page by hovering over the graphic

Determine if all logical product cross reference links have been added to flattened page

If there is anything special/unique on a current Item page, confirm it is now properly handled on the flattened page

Proof Item Name, SKU, Size, and Price

At each current Item page, confirm the following are correct on the flattened page's Design printout:

Item Name




Any links or text in Table

17. Get EF's Final Approval

Approved by ef

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Porches - START HERE!
Porches - START HERE!
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Gable Decorations
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