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Dropdown Options

Never have 2 options labeled the same, particularly if money is involved in either. This confusing the system and first option will be overridden and program will use second option. The first option will not even show up in cart.

1. Select one - All dropdown options should begin with, "Select one:" lower case "o"), followed by a blank line ("----"). See Poly Steele Core Porch Post Item pages.

2. Samples (usually first selection in Length) - should be set off with dashed lines and in all CAPS. See AZEK Misc Mouldings.

Dropdowns for Samples in ALL Sizes, Samples in BOTH Sizes, etc. should be the LAST selection because if it's the first selection, the 1 foot Length default will cause the price to be much higher than after you also select SAMPLES (3"). Also see #8 below, Selections for "ALL".

3. Yes / No - the more common selection should typically be listed first. When possible, we need to word Yes/No option title as a question so cs will not skip that option. Example: Are you ordering a custom size? or Custom size?

4. Text Entry boxes (rather than a dropdown) - title needs to include "if ordering" where appropriate. See AZEK Trimboards, Custom size(s), if ordering

5. I'll contact you…/ Contact me - should start with Other - and have a dashed line above it. See F.B. #1, Material and Cutwork Thickness.

6. If a given dropdown has more than 3 selections, use dashed lines to subdivide the selections by size, design, etc., but don't go overboard with this. Exceptions (if your not sure, pls ask):
A. Individual Color, Length, etc selections generally do NOT need subdividing dashed lines.
See AZEK Porch Boards Item pg.
B. Combined dd's typically DO need dashed separators:
1) Single dd with 2 dimensions. See AZEK Trimboards , Thickness & Width
2) Material and Cutwork Thickness dd's. See F.B. #1, Material and Cutwork Thickness.
3) Design and Size dd's. See 2" and 3" Cedar Balusters.

7. Do NOT change the order of any selections without asking. For example, AZEK Crown Moulding, Size dd has All 3 Sizes as the last selection. If you think it should be the first selection, pls ask before changing.

8. Selections for "ALL" Sizes, Samples in BOTH Sizes, etc. should be separated by dashes, have its SKU in ( ) at end of the selection, say "ALL 3 Designs", "BOTH Sizes", etc., and be the last selection, because if it's the first selection, the 1 foot Length default will cause the price to be much higher than after you also select SAMPLES (3"). See AZEK Misc Mouldings.

9. Last line in dropdown should contain a line with at least 14 dashes. See Poly Steele Core Porch Post Item pages. Dashed line can be longer if that works better with other long selections in the dd. See AZEK Miscellaneous Mouldings.

10. Do NOT use quote marks inside a DD. Use double apostrophe instead.

11. Do NOT use parentheses.

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