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Home > Products > Porches - START HERE! > ONLINE PORCH GUIDE > Examples of Porch Decoration > 10 Porch Example Drawings

10 Porch Example Drawings

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Standardized & Interchangeable Porch Drawing
Standard Layout Porch Example

Standardized & Interchangeable
This porch drawing above is the standard layout upon which most of the drawings in this section are based. This Example features:
      • Bottom width of eave overhang (soffit) is 8"
      • Beam above Posts is 8" high
      • Porch Posts are 6 feet on center (center of one to center of next)
         and set flush with front of Beam.
      • Porch Posts are installed on Base Blocks. These (or Base Mounting Plates)
        should always be used to protect Post bottoms from moisture.

Unless otherwise noted, the above dimensions and features
remain constant for each Porch Example drawing.

Product Listing
At the bottom of each drawing we list the decorative items used, and where applicable, their center-to-center spacing. For example, the above drawing uses Porch Post T608n32, Traditional 6"x96" with 32"base at 6' on center.

NOTE: Many of the following Example drawings show Brackets without frames but most of our Brackets now include frames at no extra cost.

Product Cross Reference
We also have a Cross Reference for the products shown in all drawings.

Mix & Match
We've purposely duplicated the same few basic porch configurations, changing only the decorative items. We encourage you to make photocopies of features you like, cut these out, and hold them over other drawings to see what your own porch could look like.

To Scale (well, almost)
We've tried to maintain a consistent scale for these illustrations. If you buy the listed products and use them as shown in the drawing, you'll be able to stand back and admire a porch that looks very close to what you see in the illustration!

Interpreting Two-dimensional Drawings
Our Porch Example drawings on the following pages are two dimensional; that is, they are drawn as though viewed directly from the front (straight on). Read more about interpreting 2-dimensional drawings.

Examples of Three-dimensional Drawings

Porch Eave Decorations

Three-Dimensional Porch Drawing

The drawing directly above identifies most of the decorative components illustrated in the series of two-dimensional drawings on the following pages.

Please note in particular the Post Face and Repeating Cornice Brackets drawn here. They're important, for they give your porch a very pleasing and traditional three-dimensional appearance so typical of well designed porches... past or present!

Please refer back to this three-dimensional drawing should you have trouble understanding exactly what you're viewing in the series of two-dimensional drawings that follow.

Three-Dimensional Porch Drawing

Another Three-Dimensional Porch Drawing

Use the Next link at the bottom of each
page to see all 10 of our Porch Examples.

We are available by phone or email for free personalized consultation.

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