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Choosing the Right Post

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We offer a broad selection of Porch Posts.
Which ones are right for you?

1. Which material is best?
If properly installed on mounting Mounting Blocks or Plates , and if the paint surface is kept in good condition at all times, our Wood Posts can last indefinitely. However, our Polyurethane Posts require much less frequent painting and our Polyethylene and PVC Posts do not require any painting!

YELLAWOOD PRESSURE TREATED WOOD POSTS are only available as Plain Square Post, but are quite a bit less expensive than our other Plain Square Posts. They are also available in larger and longer sizes.

STANDARD WOOD POSTS are the least expensive Turned Porch Post. If kept well painted they will provide good service. However, because they have no specific decay resistance, the paint surface must be properly maintained at all times.

WESTERN RED CEDAR POSTS have natural decay resistance but should also be painted to avoid rapid expansion and contraction and to extend their life to the maximum. We have a large variety of styles in Cedar. They tend to be more expensive than many of our other Posts but these are premium wood Posts.

High Density POLYURETHANE STEEL CORE POSTS are more expensive but also come in longer lengths not available in our other synthetic Posts.

All of our polyurethane products come with a super tough, long lasting white factory finish. Because polyurethene does not expand and contract nearly as much as wood, this factory finish will last for a long time before repainting is necessary. That makes High Density Polyurethane low maintenance and great for exterior use.

High Density Polyurethane has about the same density as Pine. That means a sharp blow will dent it. However, it repairs easily and permanently with "Bondo" style auto body filler.

POLYETHYLENE STEEL CORE POSTS are a wonderful choice. When you consider their longevity and virtually no maintenance they are also very affordable! Polyethylene is a very tough, low maintenance material that does not need painting. Not now. Not ever!

The outer shell is very resistant to damage (denting, scratching, etc.) We have tested these Posts with sharp hammer blows and moments later could not find the area of impact! Our Polyethylene Porch Posts look, feel, and sound very much like painted wood... and they will look fresh and new indefinitely!

PVC STEEL CORE POSTS also have all the advantage of Cellular PVC but are available in limited sizes.

2. Which style do you like?
This is a matter of personal choice, and we're proud to be offering more styles than ever!

3. What size do you need?
The 4" size will appear too lightweight if used on a regular porch, but is great for playhouses and other specialized uses. Over about 8-1/2 feet in length, 5" Posts may also appear a bit lightweight for regular porches. Many prefer our 6" Posts at shorter lengths as well.

4. How much flat, unturned portion do you need?
Posts must have sufficient flat, unturned portions at their tops & bottoms to accommodate your chosen decorative Gingerbread at the top and the Balustrade at the bottom.

Ideally, the bottom of your upper decorative trim should fall slightly above the Post turning. Likewise, several inches of the square portion of the Post is typically exposed above the Handrail. While exact vertical apportionment is not critical, your chosen Gingerbread and Balustrade must fall entirely within the unturned portion of each Post.

It is often necessary to cut Porch Posts to final length prior to installation. This trimming should, of course, be done with the above considerations in mind. Our Online Porch Guide provides a worksheet that may prove helpful in determining the correct amounts to trim from top and/or bottom of each Post. And, of course, you are always welcome to contact us if you need help.

5. Do you need Half Posts?
If you will have Handrails or decorative trim at the top of your Porch Posts, you will need Half Posts (split lengthwise) at the building walls. This is the professional, traditional way to terminate rails and decorative items against a wall. Half Posts are available at each Post product listing.

We are available by phone or email for free personalized consultation.

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