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Cedar Shingle Panels

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Cedar Shingle Panels

# SP (caf)

Shingle Panel Manufactured using only the finest Western Red Cedar vertical-grain heartwood. Shakertown Cedar Shingle Panels install up to 6 times faster than individual shingles and can be installed with a pneumatic nailer to save even more time. The blind (concealed) nailing feature creates a very traditional shingled wall.

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Shakertown Shingle Panels feature plywood backing for strength and ease of handling, tapered shingles with generous 3/8" thick butts for great contrast between courses, overlocking top and end joints for seamless appearance, self-aligning top edge for straight courses, and scribed nail lines for fast, accurate, concealed nailing. Shakertown's exclusive self-aligning top edge allows one person to easily line up and secure panels with hammer or nail gun. Shingle Panel Details Each Panel is 96" long x 8-1/4" tall overall and is designed to overlap the panel below it by 1-1/4". This provides 7” exposure per course and concealed nailing.

In addition to saving installation labor, Shakertown Cedar Shingle Panels’ single course configuration creates far less waste than other panels. With 3 course panels, 20% of your material will go to waste. Shakertown Single Course Shingle Panels limit waste to only about 5%. Your savings in labor, material and waste disposal makes Shakertown Shingle Panels a very smart choice indeed.

Even and Staggered Butt Shingle PanelsChoose an even bottom line for classic good looks or add character and dimensionality with our staggered bottom style (every other shingle shorter by 5/16"). Either way, the clean, finished line of a pre-inspected panel means the end of soiled, split, or knotty shingles. Shakertown Cedar Shingle Panels are your natural choice for ease of installation, high curb appeal, and enduring beauty! Order by the Bundle, as individual Panels, or as a free short Sample Panel. (To match siding shingles with a grooved surface please see Machine Grooved Shingles.)

Each bundle contains 8 Panels and covers 37 square feet. 2.7 bundles covers 100 square feet.

Orders for 11 or more full Bundles will receive a discounted price per bundle. In order to receive this discounted price, please select the pattern with the "11 or more Bundles" prefix from the dropdown below. If ordering 1 - 10 bundles, please select patten with the "1-10 Bundles" prefix from the dropdown below.

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