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Columns, also known as pillars or posts, have had two main
purposes throughout history - structural and decorative.

Originally, Columns were merely tree trunks or stones used to bear the weight of beams or arches upon which the upper parts of walls or ceilings rested. Later, Columns became more refined and were often adorned with extravagantly carved capitals at their tops.
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Now, many homes have round or square Columns for the structural support of porches. Basic top capitals have become popular in recent decades.
Although Turned Posts are typically used for Victorian Porches, Columns are also possible, particularly if the porch is large and has high ceilings. The photo at right shows a Victorian-era home with Round Columns and a traditional balustrade consisting of Handrails, Turned Balusters, and Bottom Rails. Click photo at right for additional views of this porch. Porch Photo 85 with Columns
Top decorations, such as Spandrels and Brackets, can be used between Columns to provide a more decorative effect. Pairs of Arched Brackets used between Columns in the photo at left give this porch a very welcoming atmosphere. Click on photo for additional views.