Vintage Woodworks

Yellow Pine

Yellow Pine, also known as Southern Pine, can be one of several different species from the Southern and South Atantic States. Yellow Pine is generally heavier and harder than Ponderosa Pine. That makes it a good choice for Beadboard and other wall coverings.

It is relatively stable when properly kiln dried to 15% - 20% moisture levels and when used in narrower widths. In wider widths, or when not properly kiln dried, Yellow Pine has a tendency to bow, cup, and split.

Yellow Pine is typically less expensive than Ponderosa Pine and Poplar. We primarily offer Yellow Pine for Beadboard and small Cap Mouldings. For other items to be stained we recommend Ponderosa Pine as an inexpensive alternative.  If painting, your best inexpensive choice for items other than Beadboard and small Cap Mouldings is Poplar. Items thicker than 3/4" are not available in Yellow Pine.
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