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KDAT stands for Kiln Dried After Treatment and that's a big deal!

Regular Pressure Treated Lumber
Everyone knows pressure treated wood lasts much, much longer than untreated wood because it is highly resistant to rot and insect damage. However, regular pressure treated wood tends to shrink, warp, cup, and crack. That's because liquid forced into the lumber under pressure causes internal stress when the wood shrinks as it dries naturally after treatment.

YellaWoodŽ KDAT Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine
YellaWoodŽ begins with boards selected for appearance (only a few small knots) and rated for high strength. Then kiln drying after micronized copper treatment (Lifetime Limited Warranty) greatly reduces the normal problems pressure treating introduces. Because the kiln offers a controlled environment, the wood dries slowly and evenly, minimizing the natural tendency of freshly treated lumber to shrink, cup, warp, and crack. A high quality, stable board that's much less likely to have problems is the result. And because excess moisture has been removed in the kiln, you're free to install, paint, and stain or seal without waiting.

The Many Advantages
YellaWoodŽ KDAT's many advantages make it a top choice for homeowners who prefer natural wood for their outdoor projects:
      • Lifetime Limited Warranty
      • Pressure treated against rot, fungal decay, and termites
      • Dried to original moisture content
      • Minimized tendency to shrink, cup and warp
      • Light, natural color for easy staining, painting or sealing
      • Ready to paint, stain or seal immediately
      • Weighs less than freshly treated lumber
      • More strength and stiffness
      • Increased holding power
      • Easier to handle, cut and install

We sell YellaWoodŽ KDAT SuperSelect Premium Grade.

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