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When ordering random lengths order the total lineal footage needed. We will ship random lengths from 6' to 15'.

Please be aware, however, that there may be more splicing or waste involved during installation. For example, a square 12 x 12 room will require four 12 foot pieces of Crown Moulding - a total of 48 feet. However, if you order 48' in random lengths you may receive two 12', one 14', and one 10'. Since you need all 12', it will be necessary to splice the 2' piece left from your 14' with the 10' piece to complete the fourth section of your ceiling. Of course, ordering in random lengths, you could receive any combination of 6' to 15' long pieces totaling 48'.

For projects where a specific length is required, select the first specific length you want to receive, put this item in your Shopping Basket and update the quantity. Then click the "Continue Shopping" button to return to order the next specific length.

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