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Polyethylene is great for exterior millwork items. It is virtually maintenance free because it is rot proof, insect proof, weatherproof, very resistant to damage from impact and scratches, and does not require painting.

The non-slick matte white surface of our low maintenance polyethylene is designed to be left unpainted. However, it can be painted following the paint manufacturer's recommendations. Do not use dark colors (those with an "L' value of 56 to 0, where 0 is black and 100 is white.) If you do choose to paint you will find that paint lasts much longer on polyethylene than on wood because polyethylene does not expand and contract as much as wood.

Our polyethylene items mimic the surface of painted wood. They are not slick nor cold to the touch and sound like wood when knocked upon. Our polyethylene items can be installed using common carpentry tools.

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