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How to Measure for Window/Door Cornices

Measuring for Cornices We make your Cornices to the exact length you require, pricing by the foot, but prorating to the fraction of an inch... because you shouldn't have to pay for more than you need!

The length you order will be the overall length we will build. Therefore, it is very important to consider the inside clearance that your specific situation requires.

Your Cornice's Function
Cornices can be strictly decorative, provide a usable shelf above a window, hide the hardware at the top of blinds, shades, curtains, or drapes, or do all of this at the same time! When used above curtains or drapes, our Cornices also keep dust from collecting on the fabric since they have solid top boards. Remember the roles you want your Cornice to fill as you consider the following:

Inside Clearance
The Product Listings page indicates how much extra length should be added to each Cornice to provide adequate inside clearance. For example, if the Listing says order 3" longer than required inside clearance, we mean the difference between overall length and inside clearance length will be 3". This stated measurement will provide a small clearance, so that the inside edges of the sides of the Cornice will comfortably fit over your curtains, drapes, etc. Should you wish extra clearance, your overall length will need to be more than the stated extra amount.

On or Over the Casing?
Many doors and windows have trim boards (Casings) above and to either side of the opening. Do you prefer your Cornice fitted over this Casing or mounted on it?

Cornices and Casing

Generally we favor over the Casing, so that the Casing is within the Cornice. This not only looks nice, but provides a very easy installation. Provided your Casing is securely fastened to the wall, you can screw down through the top of the Cornice Shelf and into the top edge of the Casing. This is a very simple way to align and support your Cornices.

If you prefer this over-the-Casing fit, the length you order will be the overall width of the Casing plus the stated extra for inside clearance.

As an alternative you can mount your Cornice on the Casing. That is, the back of the Cornice will rest entirely on the face of the Casing. For this to work, your Casing should be plain boards with flat surfaces.

Please use a steel tape to assure accurate measurements.

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