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Western Hemlock Wood

Our Hemlock items are made from clear, kiln-dried Western Hemlock. Like Pine, it is classified as a "softwood". Although Western Hemlock lacks the special weather resistant qualities of Cedar or Cypress, it is a traditional and widely used wood for exterior balustrade components. Indeed, it is the most common wood species for exterior Turned Porch Posts, Balusters, and Handrails. Western Hemlock should perform very satisfactorily if our painting and installation instructions are followed.

Painting Exterior Trim
After checking for proper fit, but before installation, completely paint all surfaces of exterior trim with a coat of premium oil based primer and multiple coats of quality oil-based paint. This will protect the wood for a longer life span, as oil-based paint tends to penetrate and bond with the wood surface better.

Latex paints do not provide the thicker and harder surface protection exterior trim requires. Likewise stains, while fine for cedar, redwood, and interior work, don't adequately inhibit internal moisture changes. Wood's end grain absorbs moisture readily, so use extra coats of paint on all ends! Remember to refinish before the paint starts wearing thin or peeling.

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