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Discounted Dollars

Save Now. Decide later.

Purchase Discounted Dollars for 20% off! Use them anytime in the next 12 months to pay for anything we sell. It's our way of saying "Thanks" at this time of Thanksgiving!

Example: Buy $1000 Merchandise Value for only $800. Then use your $1000 Discounted Dollars anytime in the next year to buy $1000 of anything we sell... the perfect way to lock in savings but finalize your merchandise order at your convenience! And you don't have to spend your Discounted Dollars all at once. Just think of them as a Savings Account paying 20% interest!

But hurry! Discounted Dollars are only available now through Monday, November 27, 2023. You'll receive a confirmation email containing your Discounted Dollars Certificate Number. Want to order your merchandise before then? Just mention the number of Discounted Dollars you've bought (Comments Box at Online Checkout or by phone) to use them immediately. Cannot be combined with any other discount offer except Bargain Room items.

Purchase Discounted Dollars