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Cypress is one of the best woods for outside use!

The U.S. Forest Service ranks Cypress among the top woods (along with Cedar) and Redwood) for ease of keeping well painted and for resistance to cupping and checking (weathering issues). It accepts and holds stain or paint very well, and is exceptionally weather resistant.

The U.S. Forest Service says, "Cypress has been used principally for building construction, especially where resistance to decay is required. It is well suited for siding and porch construction. It is also used for ... doors, blinds, and general millwork, including interior trim and paneling. Other uses are in ...boat building, greenhouse construction, cooling towers, and stadium seats."

The Southern Cypress Manufacturer's Association states, "Cypress is treasured for its legendary beauty and durability. Cypress siding is a familiar sight on thousands of beach houses along the Atlantic seaboard. Because of its good looks and weatherability, Cypress siding is gaining popularity from Southern California to Maine.

"In addition to siding, Cypress also serves many other applications outside the home, including decks, fence posts, clapboards, shingles, exterior trim, shutters, window boxes and landscape design elements.

"Although Cypress is well regarded for its strength and durability, the wood is generally not recommended for ground contact applications. However, Cypress is a great choice for covered porches and verandas, and can be painted, stained and sealed to deliver both good looks and performance."

NOTE - If you want Cypress, please select that option from the wood pop-down at the item order page.

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