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Balustrade Kits

At Rail Sets specify you want your Rails pre-drilled for Balusters. Then, turn them into super convenient, time saving Balustrade Kits by ordering pre-notched wood Balusters to fit over the Sloped-top Bottom Rails.

Note: If you want us to pre-drill your Rails and/or cut to proper length for installation, you'll need to provide the Installed Length, which is the actual width of the space where your Rails are to be installed. Please measure this space (to 1/16" accuracy) with a steel carpenter's tape approximately where top and bottom Rails will be, and provide the longer of these two measurements at Rail Sets. If the top and bottom measurements are off by more than 1/4" we recommend resetting your porch posts to equalize the distances and then record the corrected longer length. (At the 3:40 point in our 4th video, How to Install Porch Floors, you can see how to easily adjust Porch Posts.)

We will cut your Rails 1/4" less than this Installed Length to provide a 1/8" space at each end for caulking. If you want us to pre-drill but not cut to length, we will leave an equal, undrilled amount at each end. Please contact us if you need clarification. For more information about using Rails, please visit our Balustrade Installation Guide.

Don't forget to order Balustrade Kickspace Blocks.

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